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The events of the series unfold in 1983 in a fictional town called Hawkins. After playing Dungeons & Dragons, the three boys visiting the fourth friend go home. One of them does not reach the house. There are no leads that could help the police track down the child. At the same time, an unknown girl appears in the forest…

When will the series “Stranger Things Season 4” be released?

It is known that filming of the season 4 ended in August 2021. And the new season of the fantasy TV series “Stranger Things” is scheduled to premiere on May 27, 2022. At the same time, the season 4 will be shown in 2 parts. The second part will be released on July 1, 2022.

Even if we take into account that most of the main roles are played by teenagers, adult viewers are looking forward to watching the show. A fascinating story will not leave anyone indifferent!


After the loss of 12-year-old Will, everyone joined in the search: caring local residents, relatives, police, and acquaintances. Even the boy’s friends did not dare to stand aside. As a result, exploring the forest, where Will’s bike was found, the guys find a girl. She barely speaks, but understands everything she is told. One of the guys decides to secretly accommodate the girl at his home.

Later it turns out that the new girlfriend knows where Will is gone and can even lead to him. The guys decided to call her El, since she never had a normal name. It turned out that El had escaped from a secret laboratory, where she was forced to test the abilities of her brain. Years of abuse of the child affected the character of the girl, so she could not speak humanly.

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Already in the season 1, the guys defeat the monster and rescue Will, whose mother was already sure that she was going crazy. In the season 2, the guys are faced with the consequences caused by the appearance of the Upside Down. Together with them the sheriff, who during this time managed to shelter El, also finds these signs. The guys again manage to defeat the monster, but this time at the cost of the abilities acquired in the laboratory by El.

In the season 3, one of the teenagers intercepts a secret message from the Russians when he tries to contact his lover. It becomes a new impetus to the beginning of the adventure. But El and Mike can not find a common language, because Hopper was able to embroil the guys. Will they be able to reconnect to defeat the next evil?

Actors and their roles

  • El/Eleven/Jane Hopper – a child who got into the laboratory, where they developed her abilities to telekinesis; she is kind, in love with Mike, who, during her escape from the laboratory, sheltered her in the basement of his house – Millie Bobby Brown.
  • Mike Wheeler – a 12-year-old boy at the beginning of the series, who adores playing games with his friends; sincerely does not understand her older sister Nancy, who alone does what she says about her boyfriend; Mike cared for El when she needed protection – Finn Wolfhard.
  • Joyce Byers – the mother of Will, who disappeared in the woods, and John, who is several years older than his brother; Joyce earns very little, so she has to rely on the help of an older child; she begins to look for a connection with Will and eventually successfully finds it – Winona Ryder.
  • Jim Hopper – a sheriff and former classmate of Joyce; engaged in the loss of Will, but soon the case was solved and he switched to other terrible incidents that began to occur in the town – David Harbour.
  • Dustin Henderson – a friend of Mike, Will and Lucas; devoid of several teeth due to illness; in love with a girl Susie from the science camp – Gaten Matarazzo.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series so much attracted the audience that even the king of horrors Stephen King could not get round his side. After reviewing each season, he decided to recommend it to his loyal fans. At the same time, Stephen separately noted the work of Winona Ryder, who ideally got used to the role of the half-crazy mother of a missing child.
  2. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the producers of the project, the Duffer brothers, decided to mention the favorite actors and writers in their series. Many references point to third-party books and paintings that were published by great figures. For example, such as Guillermo del Toro.
  3. Few people have noticed how in the 6th series of the season 1 they are talking about the Al-Qaeda group, which will be created only after 4 years. Also, most cars were produced after those years, which are described in the series. There are enough such mistakes in the series, but because of the plot no one pays attention to them.
  4. When the actor Gaten Matarazzo matured, his voice changed beyond recognition. So when it was necessary to re-record the voice for the past seasons, the guy simply could not do it. It was necessary to involve the sound engineers who could make the voice of Gaiten like a child one to work.
  5. Millie Bobby Brown’s work was rated even higher than the other guys. The girl was amazingly able to work in front of the camera, which children of her age often cannot do. Once Millie came to the shooting completely in sparkles, she had to be washed for more than half an hour – in this way Millie did not let the others forget that she was still a child.
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Stranger Things Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1May 27, 2022
4x02Series 2May 27, 2022
4x03Series 3May 27, 2022
4x04Series 4May 27, 2022
4x05Series 5May 27, 2022
4x06Series 6July 1, 2022
4x07Series 7July 1, 2022
4x08Series 8July 1, 2022
4x09Series 9July 1, 2022

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