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1983. In a provincial town called Hawkins, life goes on as usual. Four friends play a popular dragon and dungeon game. But when they have to go home, the mother of one of them never waits for her baby. Turning to the police, the woman realizes that the local sheriff Jim Hopper will do everything to find the child, but he himself does not believe that the boy can be alive…

“Stranger Things ss 5”: release date, announcement

The wait for season 4 turned out to be too protracted, since due to the coronavirus, the release date was pushed back by six months. With Season 5, we can hope for a well-timed sequel to the “Stranger Things” TV show in the summer of 2023. However, do not forget that before the premiere of season 4, the Duffer Brothers, the creators of the TV project, admitted that there may not be season 5 at all.

The popularity of Millie Bobby Brown is growing, as is the interest of viewers in the TV series. Together with their favorite characters, their fans grow up. Even an adult audience is waiting for a new season, and they are not embarrassed that the main characters in the show are children.


A 12-year-old boy named Will is missing. His brother Jonathan and mom Joyce searched the entire area, called the police, did everything they could to help in the search, but there was not a single clue. Will’s friends also decided not to stand aside. They started searching in the forest, but instead of a friend they found a scared girl to death. After a short debate, Mike took her to his place.

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Without saying a word to his parents, he put her in the basement and secretly carried food. The girl did not speak, but she understood human speech and even introduced herself to the guys as Eleven. She knew where Will had gone. Later it became known that she was kept in a laboratory where the abilities of the human brain were studied. Thanks to this, the girl has telekinesis.

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Police officer Jim Hopper took the girl to live at the end of season 1, and thanks to Joyce’s efforts, Will was found. But the perpetrators were not punished. The existing monsters posed a threat to the inhabitants of Hawkins, and only Eleven could cope with them. At the end of each season, a danger appeared that could be the last in her life. But feelings for friends did not allow her to retreat.

Frame from the TV show

In Season 2, Hopper didn’t let Eleven communicate with the guys for a long time. But the girl stubbornly listened to the radio, in which Mike tried to find her every day. The boy constantly turned on the radio and called her. Hopper strictly forbade her to talk about her location. Eleven and Mike struck up a relationship, but had to part ways in Season 3. Without maintaining this relationship, Jim managed to embroil the children, but in season 4 it became known that not for long. They reunited in the face of danger, and Eleven and Mike became even closer to each other.

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“Papa” – this is how the laboratory children called the man who experimented on them. The man became the main villain for them, and now the girl will show him the full power of her hatred…

Actors and their roles

  • Eleven / Jane Hopper – a girl who has lived in the laboratory for many years; thought her name was Eleven; when the boys found her in the forest, she realized that life can be completely different and there is no need to be constantly afraid of experiments and punishments; in love with Mike and it is mutual – Millie Bobby Brown.
  • Jim Hopper – cop in charge of Will’s disappearance; Joyce’s former classmate; lonely, was engaged in raising Eleven and wanted to protect her from communication with Mike; teenagers were constantly locked in the room and he was afraid that they could do the irreparable – David Harbor.
  • Joyce Byers – Jonathan and Will’s mom; through hope and belief in the supernatural, she found her youngest son; Joyce is kind, smart; has a modest income – Winona Ryder.
  • Mike Wheeler – loves the game “Dungeons & Dragons”, which the guys play in his basement; in love with Eleven; hid her in his own house and stole food for her; became a victim of the manipulations of Hopper, who wants to protect Eleven from the boys, but in the end the man did not achieve his goal – Finn Wolfhard.
  • Jonathan – Will’s brother; actively participates in battles with monsters, helping his brother and his friends; in love with Nancy, Mike’s sister; works on par with his mother to provide a stable income for the family – Charlie Heaton.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the successful start of the 1st and 2nd seasons, showrunners, twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, renewed their contract with Netflix, in which the amount of the fee for each employee of the film crew increased several times. This was especially felt by the children who played the main roles in the project.
  2. The TV show has such awards as “Screen Actors Guild Award 2017”, “Producers Guild of America Award”, “MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017”, “Saturn 2017” Award, “Life Achievement Award”, and about 14 more nominations.
  3. Winona Ryder receives $ 180,000 per episode. Children-performers of the main roles – 250 thousand dollars each.
  4. Millie Bobby Brown received $ 20,000 in seasons 1 and 2, and from season 3 onwards, she earned $ 350,000 per episode. Most of the awards belong to her. The success of her work can be compared to the popularity of a character like Harry Potter, the last film about which was released 20 years ago. However, fans are still waiting for the release of the movie “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child“.

Stranger Things Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1summer 2023
5x02Series 2summer 2023
5x03Series 3summer 2023
5x04Series 4summer 2023
5x05Series 5summer 2023
5x06Series 6summer 2023
5x07Series 7summer 2023
5x08Series 8summer 2023
5x09Series 9summer 2023

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