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Cormoran Strike served in the hot spots of Afghanistan, getting involved in political conflicts. Fate ordered that at an early age a young man was left without a foot. Entering back to the threshold of civil life, he decides who he wants to become. To follow in the footsteps of his father, who is a famous rock star, Cormoran has no desire and physical data, since it is unlikely that any of the music listeners will be interested in a cripple. Having spent time searching for a suitable job, he finds his calling.

When will the series “Strike Season 2”

The continuation of the series “Strike” is based on the book, and will be called “Strike: The Silkworm”. And will be released on DVD February 19, 2018.
Last season consisted of three episodes, and was broadcast by BBC One, which will continue to show viewers the second season of the movie. Let’s hope that the second season is waiting for a similar success.


Strike decides to engage in a private investigation. For this, he finds a room on Denmark Street, in the heart of London. Hires charming secretary Holliday Granger. At first the girl perceives work as a temporary earnings, but already in the first season she understands that she likes this kind of life and decides to stay with Stryker.Strike - The Silkworm

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Thanks to the experience gained in the fighting, Cormoran successfully develops his occupation. First, young people have to solve elementary problems, for example, to calculate a traitor or find a missing person. But the glory of a good detective goes ahead of Stryker, as he has already uncovered crimes that the London police could not overpower.

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In each subsequent series, the tasks become more difficult, but the characters show an excellent example of how to behave in an emergency situation and how to find a way out of any confusing history. In the first season, a serious investigation is the murder of one of the famous writers, who were killed in the way described in his unpublished book.

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Actors and their roles

  • Cormorant Strike – Tom Liam Benedict Burke. An Englishman by birth. Celebrity brought him the role of the son of Casanova in the television series “Casanova”, which was released in 2005. Another outstanding role is considered by Athos from the series “Musketeers”. According to most women in the world, it is considered an enviable handsome man.
  • Holliday Granger – Robin Ellacott. The native of Great Britain. Her acting career began in 1994. Previous work – the role of Miriam in the movie “And the storm struck” and Maria, in the movie “Tulip fever.”
  • Eric Ward – Killian Scott. Irishman, graduated from the London Drama Center. I remembered the audience on the series “Love-hate”, where he played the role of Tommy.

Tom Burke Interview: Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling

Interesting Facts

  1. The plot is based on the works of Joan Rowling with the same name. A total of 3 books were published, the first season included the first two editions. The second season will capture the third book. It is already known that the series will consist of three seasons, regardless of the degree of payback. This means that the second season will not fully disclose the book or we are waiting for a few more works from the famous writer.
  2. Tired of the fame of a science fiction writer, Rowling took a pseudonym and released a series of books about Strike under the name Robert Galbraith. Circulations were relatively small, but when the press leaked information that books were written by the hand of the creator of “Harry Potter”, an additional issue was required. The fact is that all the books were instantly sold out.
  3. Earlier, Tom Burke has already starred in films screened from the writer’s books. It is for this reason that the directors decided to invite him to the main role, Burke agreed not even after reading the script.
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Strike season 2 The Silkworm: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1February 19, 2018
2x02Series 2February 19, 2018

Strike – The Silkworm trailer

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