Strike the Blood IV


2019 promises to be very rich in new items in the anime world. Many well-known studios have decided to continue the subjects they are fond of, and show that you should not forget about the characters close to your heart. So the author of the anime “Strike the Blood” Gakuto Mikumo decided not to stop there and continue the familiar story.

The release of the season 1: October 2013 – March 2014.
The output of the season 2: November 2016 – May 2017.
The release of the season 3: December 2018 – September 2019.

When will the continuation of the anime “Blood Strike Season 4” be released?

The creators announced that it was worth waiting for a novelty in the April of 2020.


In the center of the plot, fans will see an old acquaintance, namely the once ordinary schoolboy Kojou Akatsuki. The guy unexpectedly for others turned into a powerful, fourth in a row, purebred vampire.

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It is worth noting that the actions of anime occur in a world where the existence of vampires, werewolves and magicians is not a secret to anyone, it is a common thing. The main characters live on the island Itogami, where demons have the same rights as people.

Frame from anime

Kojou now poses a threat to others. Since he is a novice, he does not know how to use his strength sufficiently, and since he is a vampire, he cannot do without blood either. It is for this reason that the sorceress and a middle-school Sword Shaman Yukina Himeragi are assigned to him so that she does not allow the young man, by her inexperience, to cause mischief.

In the season 4 we will see not only the development of relations between the main characters, but also battles with new enemies, who have only evil intentions and ideas on their mind…

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Main characters

The main characters, as can be seen from the description of the plot, are the new vampire of the highest rank and magician who will take care of him and accompany him wherever he goes:

  • Kojou Akatsuki – a cute guy who is not going to hurt his family and friends because he has become a vampire. On the contrary, he tries his best to protect his acquaintances from this unexpected new truth about himself.
  • Yukina Himeragi – a sorceress who only recently graduated from high school, an agent of the Royal Lions, was instructed to protect and monitor the activities of the young vampire so that he would not do anything.

Interesting Facts

  1. The idea of ​​such a plot came from the same name ranobe, whose authorship belongs to Gakuto Mikumo. After the publication, the run has passed a year – the manga came out, and in 2013 an anime screen version was released for the audience.
  2. In June 2017, the Chinese Ministry of Culture banned the display of this anime. In the list of prohibited anime were 37 more pictures.
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Strike the Blood IV: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1April of 2020
4x02Series 2April of 2020
4x03Series 3April of 2020
4x04Series 4April of 2020
4x05Series 5May of 2020
4x06Series 6May of 2020
4x07Series 7May of 2020
4x08Series 8May of 2020
4x09Series 9June of 2020
4x10Series 10June of 2020

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