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The well-known first part of the “Suicide Squad” was published in 2016. For a basis was to take a comic, expanding the DC Comics universe. The plot is quite simple: there are heroes with outstanding abilities and they were rallied by the US government for their own interests. A feature of the film is that these are far from positive heroes – all of them are criminals, for whom the salvation of mankind and the fulfillment of orders are far from being the interests. Forced to submit to the government they are sent on a mission with which they should not have returned, but everything unfolds is not according to plan.
The statement about the continuation of the plot was made in 2017.

The premiere of the most anticipated film “Suicide Squad 2” is scheduled for release on August 6, 2021.

The plot of the second movie

The second part of the movie “Squad 2” again gathers this non-standard, literally explosive, team together. There will be new heroes and more attention will be given to their dark biography. Again, the need for help is not superheroes, but the most dangerous, most bloodthirsty monsters, murderers, thieves, crazy and insane people. And all this for the fulfillment of the death mission for salvation …. humanity? And who will not survive this time?

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Gavin O’Connor, known as the director of the criminal series “Seven Seconds” (series, 2017 – …), the dramatic films “Warrior” (2011), “Jane takes a gun” (2015), “Payback” (2016) and many others, takes for shooting the second part of a fantastic action movie in the universe.

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First part

  • Margot Robbie, performing (doctor) Harley Quinn – used to be a psychiatrist, today the main crazy and insane assistant to the Joker;
  • Will Smith in the role of hired killer Deadshoot, who never misses;
  • Jared Leto took upon himself the image of a charismatic and murderous Joker;
  • Jay Courtney becomes a thief Digger or in another way – Captain Boomerang;
  • Jay Hernandez – El Diablo, who has the ability to control fire, pyrokinetics otherwise;
  • Adevale Akinoye-Agbazhe plays the role of the cannibal Killer Crock;
  • Adam Beach – Slipnot, a brilliant scientist in the past at a chemical plant;
  • Yuel Kinnaman-Rick Flag;
  • Kara Delevin becomes the main villain of the Jungle Moon or more simply the “Enchantress”;
  • Karen Fukuhara performs the role of Tatsu Yamashiro or Katana – a brilliant girl in perfect command of a katana;
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This, of course, is not the entire cast, but it will be enough to approximate the scope of the first film.

The second part

For the second, everything is kept in secret, but according to rumors, we should hope that:

  • In Raleigh Harley remains charming and sexy Margot Robbie;
  • An anti-hero, with a rising history and forces to the ancient gods of Egypt, Black Adam, will probably be executed by the pounding of Dwayne Johnson. He is known for the film series “Fast and the Furious”, “The San Andreas Fault” (2015), “The Spy’s One and A Half” (2016), “The Rescuers Malibu” (2017), “Jumanji: The Call of the Jungle” (2017) and many others;
  • Yuel Kinnaman remains Commander of the Suicide Squadron, Rick Flag;
  • The role of sharp Katana does not go away from Karen Fukuhara;
  • And how to do without the Joker, which will perform Jared Leto;

7 facts

  1. One of the first films where there is a clear sympathy on the side of super villains and antiheroes. The “worst team” is the best.
  2. The role of plastic Harley claimed a lot of eye-popping actresses, including Mila Kunis (films: “This morning in New York” (2014), “Climbing Jupiter” (2015), “Very bad mothers 1,2” (2016 – 2017) and others), Felicity Jones (films: “The Universe of Stephen Hawking” (2014), “The Voice of the Monster” (2016), “The Outcast: Star Wars, Stories” (2016) and others), Emma Watson (films: all parts “Harry Potter” (2001 – 2011), “Elite Society” (2013) and others), Alison Bree, Emma Roberts, Amanda Sayfred.
  3. In the first film, almost all effects are performed without computer graphics. The goal was to approach the likelihood and greater realism.
  4. In the second part, Batman promises to appear, which will be performed by actor Ben Affleck.
  5. Jared Leto is curious. Even outside the shooting, he did not miss the image of the Joker – on the floor here and there he arranged intrigues for his comrades.
  6. The atmosphere of the film was so powerful that it was felt even during the filming. That is why a psychologist was called to the site, which monitored the condition of the entire film crew.
  7. Responsible himself showed Will Smith, playing the role of Dadshot. To maintain the image, he practiced and took shooting lessons from professionals.
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Suicide Squad 2: release date

NameRelease date
Suicide Squad 2August 6, 2021

Suicide Squad – Official Trailer 1 [HD]

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