Suits season 8

The first season of the series was released in 2011. This is a comedy with elements of drama, which narrates about a self-taught lawyer who, by the will of fate, gets to an interview with one of the best lawyers in New York.

The creators have officially confirmed that the new season should be expected in the summer of 2018. Namely, July 18, 2018.

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The latter decides to give a chance to an ambitious candidate and hires him as assistant. As a result, one of the best and, perhaps, the most ambiguous tandems of the servants of the law appears.

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The creators acknowledged that the story of Mike, Harvey and Jessica was slightly delayed and began to bore the audience. This can be seen as a hint of new plot twists and global changes.

Interesting Facts

The first season was warmly received by both spectators and critics and received an honorable second place in the list of the best TV series of 2011.

Suits season 8

The uniqueness of this project is that it is not just filled with sparkling humor and unexpected twists of the plot. It is really interesting from a legal point of view. All situations shown on the screen are very plausible, and some are taken from life.

Specialists in the legal field note that it is this series that is useful to review lawyers, lawyers and ministers of law. This is one of the best modern intellectual series, which is compared with the acclaimed “Sherlock”, “Dr. House” and “Deceive me.”

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To lovers of detective stories, this project will not seem particularly interesting, as there are no tangled story lines in it, and the narrative is based on intricate financial scams, corporate wars and human relationships.

Reviews and criticism

In the series, characters are well spelled out. Each of the characters is open and understandable to the viewer. It is the merit of not only screenwriters, but also actors who were able to perfectly convey the characters and mood of both the main and secondary characters.

Suits season 8

Some find the similarity of this project to the series “Clinic”, arguing that it also has two main characters, one of whom is a mentor, and the second is a young student.

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However, this comparison does not quite fit, because in “Force Majeure” there is no such hard sarcasm, wicked irony and an abundance of ridiculous situations. In addition, the duet of Harvey and Mike is more serious.

Another nice moment for fans is that each series of this series can be reviewed separately, because each of them is a complete and complete story.

Suits season 8 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1July 18, 2018
8x02Series 2July 25, 2018
8x03Series 3August 1, 2018
8x04Series 4August 8, 2018
8x05Series 5August 15, 2018
8x06Series 6August 22, 2018
8x07Series 7August 29, 2018
8x08Series 8September 5, 2018
8x09Series 9September 12, 2018
8x10Series 10September 19, 2018

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