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The American TV series “Supergirl” is a joint production of Warner Bros company. Television and screenwriter Greg Berlanti. It is based on the comic books of the same name, created by the famous Otto Binder and El Plastino. They gave the world a popular superhero. The first publication of the comic strip from Supergirl was in the distant 1958 and since then it is in demand so much that films and series all over the world are shot on its basis.

Genre – comedy drama, action.
Number of seasons – 3.
The number of episodes is 65 (20 + 22 + 23)
Timing – 45 minutes.

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The premiere of the 1st season took place on October 26, 2015.
The premiere of the second season is October 10, 2016.
The premiere of the third season is October 9, 2017.

When will the series “Supergirl season 4” come out?

Many critics did not expect that the series about the super girl would be a more successful picture than about Superman. But the young actress Melissa Benoist so got used to the role and so harmoniously played in the first 3 episodes that the interest in the series increased from season to season. Now no one doubts that the series will have a sequel, which neither executive producer Sarah Schechter nor director Kevin Tancharoen hides. Therefore, already by the established tradition, we hope to see new series in October 14, 2018!


supergirl-s-4The story for Kara Zor-El began 11 years ago, when her planet was approaching a catastrophe. Then her parents are sent to Earth in order to survive and watch over the cousin Kal-El. As a result of the explosion of the planets and the problems that have taken place, the path to Earth for Kara lasted 11 years. During this time, her brother became a famous savior named Superman.

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Both Kara and Kal-El have unique abilities by the standards of earthlings: superhuman strength, super-speed, ability to fly, immunity against all poisons and diseases, super-hearing and much more.

Upon arrival to Earth, Kara enters the Danvers family, who adopt it and envelop it with care and attention. For all this time the girl did not show and did not talk about her super abilities to others. She lived a normal human life. Everything changes in a moment, when Kare has to save the plane from imminent death. After this incident, she gets the nickname Supergirl.

Realizing that with the help of her power she can help people and protect them from the underworld, Kara gets down to business. But, as it turned out, there is a huge number of aliens behind the Earth, many of which are intergalactic criminals …

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Actors and roles

  • Melissa Benoist – Kara Zor-El (on her planet) / Kara Danvers (on planet Earth with foster parents), received the pseudonym of Sepergirl for her super abilities.
  • Mehkad Brooks – James Olsen, reporter, journalist and photographer.
  • Chyler Leigh – Alexandra / Alex Danvers, step sister of Kara, a bioengineer.
  • Jeremy Jordan – Winn Schott, a computer technology specialist, Kara’s best friend.
  • David Harewood – J’onn J’onzz (Hunter from Mars), friend and assistant to Kara.
Frame from season 3

8 interesting facts

  1. The director of the painting Kevin Tancharoen is known primarily for being the choreographer of Madonna. He also directed the tour with Britney Spears.
  2. On the basis of the comic books about Supergirl, the feature film “Super Girl” (1984) was shot.
  3. This series is one of the high-budget projects, tk. for the creation of each series was spent, approximately $ 3 million.
  4. “Supergirl” was many times nominated for various awards. So, in 2015 the series received the award as the most exciting new series, and in 2016 – as the best new TV drama. The very actress Melissa Benoist in 2016 won the category breakthrough of the year.
  5. The role of supergirl was considered by other actresses – Claire Hall and Gemma Atkinson. For the confirmed actress Melissa Benoist, the tests lasted about 3 months.
  6. Before filming in the series, Benoist never read comics about Supergirl.
  7. For the role of a girl with super abilities, Melissa Benoist had to master some fighting techniques. Most of the tricks she did on her own, without stuntmen.
  8. A fictional character, Supergirl entered to the 100 of the greatest comic book heroes.
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Supergirl season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1Oct 14, 2018
4x02Series 2Oct 21, 2018
4x03Series 3Oct 28, 2018
4x04Series 4Nov 4, 2018
4x05Series 5Nov 11, 2018
4x06Series 6Nov 18, 2018
4x07Series 7Nov 25, 2018
4x08Series 8Dec 2, 2018
4x09Series 9Dec 9, 2018
4x10Series 10Dec 16, 2018

Top 10 Best Supergirl TV Moments

101 Facts About Supergirl

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