Supernatural season 14

The creators of the series delighted fans with interesting news, as it happened, many characters die, but they return again, and the 14th season of the show will be no exception.

Release date tv series Supernatural season 14 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October 11, 2018.

The creators of the series “Supernatural” delighted fans with interesting news, as it happened, many characters die, but they return again, and the 14th season of the show will be no exception.

In the meantime, we offer to get acquainted with the extremely important information about the future season of the hellishly interesting show “Supernatural”, and about living in the memory of the last events.

As it became known, during the next film festival in America, in the new season not only Castiel will return, but also other characters.

The plot and main characters

The creators of the show, have preserved the intrigue, and have not voiced who will return in life in the world of the supernatural. The only thread to unravel this question was the words that it would be someone from the long-dead heroes.

Supernatural TV series

1. John Winchester. The return of the father of the Winchester family, fans have been waiting for a long time. John did not appear on the show since the gates of hell were discovered, and Dean managed to kill Azazel.
After saying good-bye to his sons, John found peace. Since then nothing has been heard of him. It is possible that the creators of the series will return it.

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2. Ellen and Joe. Hunters: mother and daughter, remember the viewer as two full-fledged characters in the show. Although both did not appear so often on the show, they were able to win interest. Helen and Joe played a big role in the life of the brothers, so you can also expect in the new season.

3. Bella Talbot. The thief of occult things Bella, I remember the audience from the first season of the show. And although the heroine was not the central character and stayed on the show not so much time, she is remembered today. Recall that Bella, sold her soul in exchange for wealth.
When the time of reckoning was right, she tried to redeem her soul by stealing Colt from the Winchesters. However, this did not save her, and she went to hell.

Perhaps it can be represented as a demon or a ghost. At least for one episode, as the actress is busy in another no less famous series “Walking Dead”, where she has one central role;

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4. Adam. John’s younger son and brother of Sema and Dean appeared in the series for a short while. He could be watched only in several series of the fifth season. Adam lived his own life with his mother until they were killed by ghouls. It was after his death that Sam and Dean learned that they had a brother.

Supernatural TV series

Adam was duly buried, but not for long. To the life of his returned the angels at the end of the fifth season. Adam was assigned the role of the vessel of Michael. He agreed, but the brothers managed to dissuade him, but it’s too late. Michael in the body of Adam fell into the cage with Lucifer and Sam at the end of the fifth season. After these events, the creators forgot about their younger brother, but not fans of the series, who have long been waiting for news of him.

5. Bobby Singer. Bobby could be seen in the last series of season 12. His participation in the new season is expected, at least as an invited guest;

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6. Ruby. The demon, who was allowed to fool Sema and help the devil get out of the cage. Ruby, participated in the series for only two seasons, but she managed to get fans. The witch demon dies at the end of the fourth season, at the hands of Dean. It is possible that it can return. The demon essence had to go to purgatory, from where, perhaps it can get out.


Supernatural – one of the most popular TV series of our time, won a large number of fans. The expected premiere remains intriguing about the events in the new season. Recall that at the end of season 13, Lucifer is born a son, and Mary and the Devil are in a parallel world. Castiel is killed, and Crowley sacrifices himself for the sake of the brothers.

Supernatural season 14 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
14x01Series 1October 11, 2018
14x02Series 2October 18, 2018
14x03Series 3October 25, 2018
14x04Series 4November 2, 2018
14x05Series 5November 9, 2018
14x06Series 6November 16, 2018
14x07Series 7November 23, 2018
14x08Series 8November 30, 2018
14x09Series 9December 6, 2018
14x10Series 10December 13, 2018

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