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Being hunters by vocation, Sam and Dean Winchesters travel around America to catch the paranormal monsters. Many people do not even realize that real monsters live next to them who do not stop killing innocents. Winchesters are well aware of their work, so that the people of America sleep peacefully. But the fight against evil continues, and pests become even more dangerous.

When will the “Supernatural Season 15” series be released?

The sequel to the fantastic Supernatural series will take place on October 10, 2019. Over the years, the lives of actors appeared army of fans, and the series is recognized as the greatest creation in the world of television art. The rating of each following season becomes higher than the previous one, and the annual break between seasons does not frighten fans eager to continue the story.


As children, Sam and Dean moved from place to place with their father, who was also a hunter. For a long time, the guys resisted fate and wanted to arrange a peaceful life, but none of them could not give up passion. For many years they have no family, and they can only call friends other hunters who share their interests.

Over time, the angels and demons flooded the Earth, but those and others sowed death, killed people and quarreled among themselves. God left people and went nowhere with his sister Amara. Rowena is looking for a way to resurrect the dead son of Crowley. Despite the demonic essence, he often helped the Winchesters, but was killed. Now the mother, who did not give true love to her son during her life, is trying to resurrect him with witch magic.

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Frame from the series

Archangel Gabriel became the last hope of angels for rebirth – the heavens are shaken, if they can not multiply, then everything will collapse and the world will plunge into darkness. Lucifer tried to implement the evil plans with the help of his son Jack, who was conceived by an ordinary woman, but the guy chose the good side and allowed Dean to settle accounts with the old enemy.

Dean, in turn, had to provide his body as a vessel for the archangel Michael – it helped to cope with Lucifer, but now the archangel does not want to leave the body. Humanity is once again on the verge of extinction, and the Winchesters hardly correct the situation.

Will the main antagonist of recent seasons resurrect Lucifer? Will Rowena be able to resurrect a son? Or is this another trick included in her ingenious plans? How can Sam save his brother’s body from Michael and can Gabriel help the angels?

Actors and their roles

  • Sam Winchester – the younger brother, kind, sympathetic, prudent, pulls Dean out of trouble – Jared Padalecki.
  • Dean Winchester – a lover of cakes, pizzas, burgers and other junk food, hot-tempered, rude, tied to his brother and mother, recently risen from the dead – Jensen Ackles.
  • Jack – a child of Lucifer and a mortal woman, has unlimited abilities, loves Winchesters very much – Alexander Calvert.
  • Castiel – an angel who refuses to harm people, a friend of the brothers, made a promise to Jack’s mother to look after him after her death – Michael Collins.
  • Rowena – a witch that none of the other sorceresses can surpass, domineering, cruel, has found a means for immortality, helps the Winchesters only in the event of a threat or advantage – Ruth Connell.
  • Crowley – an antagonist of the first seasons of the series, eventually became friends with the Winchesters and occasionally came to the rescue, the king of hell, who was constantly trying to remove from office – Mark Sheppard.
  • Mary – the mother of Sam and Dina, the hunter, helps the children in their work, but sometimes she herself does not cope with the tasks set – Samantha Smith.
  • Gabriel – the archangel who can help angels to join the ranks. He loved entertainment, but after imprisonment, Asmodeus lost his former joy and began to take things more seriously – Richard Speight Jr.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Until now, fans can not believe in the death of their pet Crowley – it is likely that Sheppard can be seen in season 15, but this information is not accurate.
  2. The performers of the main roles Padalecki and Ackles are friends of families for many years, they even bought houses next door to each other. They married with a short break on the beautiful women, who are also actresses.
  3. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the return of the Winchester mother. Samantha Smith did not show a decent game, so it is already becoming clear about her imminent departure from the project. It is possible that season 15 will be her last.
  4. On the set, paranormal events have repeatedly occurred – the operators mostly talk about it. When shooting scenes where there is a struggle with monsters, often wedges technique. Superstitious operators are not hired, because at first they had to look for those who are not afraid of such incidents.
  5. The main characters do not resort to the help of stuntmen, but perform all the tricks myself, even when it comes to their precious car Chevrolet Impala, in which they have been driving around America since the first season.
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Supernatural Season 15 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
15x01Series 1October 10, 2019
15x02Series 2October 17, 2019
15x03Series 3October 24, 2019
15x04Series 4October 31, 2019
15x05Series 5November 7, 2019
15x06Series 6November 14, 2019
15x07Series 7November 21, 2019
15x08Series 8November 28, 2019
15x09Series 9December 5, 2019
15x10Series 10December 12, 2019

25 Supernatural Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

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