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Since the creation of New Orleans, the whole world began to pay attention to the course of life of the city. Mystical events, stray souls or murderers, thirsting for new deaths, are encountered here practically at every step. Even the police tend to blame the ghosts in half of the unsolved murders. Tourists and visitors are ready to pay any money to see the paranormal phenomena, but none of them can guess what will turn out. Protecting people’s lives is for those who have ancient knowledge and know how to use them.

When will the series “Superstition season 2” be released?

Fans of supernatural adventures have appreciated the series and are eager to continue the confrontation of evil with the civilian population.

The creators of the series planned to release the film “Superstition Season 2” in late 2018. But, unfortunately, on June 6, 2018, it was announced that all work on the project was suspended. What is it? Closing the show or temporary difficulties?


The family of Hastings has long been located near New Orleans. They earn their living by burial and funeral services for the dead. Each member of the family contributes to the development of business. In appearance – an ordinary family that promotes its services, but behind the mask of business people lies the secret, enclosed in ancient knowledge.

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Hastings not only engage in ritual services, but also fight with demons that remain in the bodies of the deceased, as well as protect residents from attacks from the dark forces. Everything changes when one of the sons decides to leave the city, hiding from prying eyes. Kelvin throws his beloved girl, all dear to him people and tries to escape from fate.

For a long time he spent in Afghanistan, killing enemies. After 16 years, he realizes that he can not hide anymore and comes to his native city. The situation is heated to the limit – New Orleans overpowered evil monsters, the family does not want to communicate with him, and the girl says that he has a child, but forbids taking part in the life of his daughter.

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A shot from the series “Superstition”

In order to establish relations with others, he enters into a decisive battle between good and evil. But this is not so simple, because the lines between ordinary people and demons have become blurred and it is not always clear – who is on the side of good.

Actors and their roles

  • Kelvin – Brad James. African-American film actor, also engaged in scoring. Involved in the series “Captive”, “Atlanta”, “Parental Limp”.
  • Garvey – Morgana Van Peebles. She was born in 1997. I managed to take part only in the film “Ali”. Since four years he has participated in various castings, but the most worthy role was in this series.
  • Bia – Robinne Lee. She has a legal education, but she preferred acting to court debates. She made her debut on television, starring in the film “Unlucky”. Movie “National Security” brought the girl worldwide fame and the opportunity to increase her fee for the following pictures.

Interesting Facts

  1. Morgana Van Peebles got her part, thanks to her father, who occupies the director’s chair. Also, Morgan and her father Mario are blood relatives with the famous screenwriter Melvin Van Peebles.
  2. The difference from the rest of the series is that magic does not make secrets. About him openly speak and ask for help from the magicians, if necessary.
  3. The producer’s place was occupied by Mitchell Gelin. His filmography is empty, and the audience is eagerly awaiting the continuation of his work “Superstition season 2”.
  4. New Orleans is the unofficial “mystical” capital of the United States. It is the cradle of spiritualism and the main bridgehead of Voodoo magic in America.
  5. New Orleans is the same city that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Some people believe that this hurricane is a punishment for the black magic.
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Superstition season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Not annoneced
2x02Series 2Not annoneced
2x03Series 3Not annoneced
2x04Series 4Not annoneced
2x05Series 5Not annoneced
2x06Series 6Not annoneced
2x07Series 7Not annoneced
2x08Series 8Not annoneced
2x09Series 9Not annoneced
2x10Series 10Not annoneced

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