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Several years have passed since the birth of children with external signs of animals. Such “animals” are still being hunted, because many people think that they are distributors of a deadly infection. Gus hid in the woods with his father, but after his death, the boy was forced to go to meet a better life. Having met dubious companions, he begins a journey…

“Sweet Tooth ss 2”: release date, announcement

It is known that the filming of the season 2 of the fantasy TV series “Sweet Tooth” took place from January to May 2022. Therefore, the premiere of new episodes is unlikely to take place before the spring 2023 — but there is no information on the exact release date yet. Recall that the extension of the TV show officially became known a month after the broadcast of the season 1 — in July 2021.

p.s. It’s official: Season 2 of the TV series “Sweet Tooth” premieres on April 27, 2023! All episodes will be shown on the same day.

The creators of the TV show didn’t know how well they tried. But thanks to a well-developed script and a successful start, the project was continued, where we will be told about Gus’s new adventures.


The world has long been divided. After the cataclysms that struck the Earth, an even worse event happened — people began to infect each other with an unknown disease, which began with tremors of the limbs and ended in death. At the same time, children were born that were only half human.

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The newborns had the faces of hares, foxes, wolf cubs, bears, deer ears and antlers, and other oddities. Many people decided that a fatal disease appeared due to such mutants and began to exterminate them. Due to the almost complete destruction of humanity, many of the survivors are hiding in the forest. Including Pubba, along with his son Gus, on whose head horns grew.

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While still a baby, Gus lost his mother, and his dad took him to the forest. By building a shack that became a safe haven for them for a decade, the father hoped to protect his son from external threats. One day Gus was not careful and they were spotted. After marking the place where Pubba and Gus live, the hunters came to destroy the child.

The main character of the TV show

At the cost of his own life, the father was able to protect his son and the refuge where they lived. Unfortunately, he was injured and soon died from an unknown disease that afflicted the whole world. By the age of 11, the boy was left all alone. Deciding to inspect his father’s things, Gus finds a photograph of a woman on which only the name of the state is written — Colorado.

The boy decides that this is his mother. His father called her Birdie. Not to be left alone, Gus travels to Colorado to find her. The child desperately wants to know mother’s love, but he still does not know how many unpleasant surprises lie ahead. Gus collects everything he needs for the trip and even sets fire to his home, and then leaves.

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Soon, the main character makes dubious friends who travel with him. In Season 1, Gus already realized how hard it is to be an adult, but it only hardened his spirit. But what awaits him next? How soon will the boy reach his goal? And is this woman in the photograph really his mother?

Actors and their roles

  • Gus — a little boy with deer ears and antlers on his head; knows only how to live in the forest, because at a conscious age he lived only among the trees with his father, who soon died; in anger he burns his toys, but soon realizes what stupidity he is doing and tries to save them; Gus is kind and does not yet know how hard it is for people with defects to live — Christian Convery.
  • Pubba — hid the truth about the boy’s mother until the last moment, but partly confessed to Gus why they had to live in the forest; his real name is unknown — only what the child called him; sacrificed his life in order for his son to have the opportunity to live; died in his chair from a virus that populated the planet — Will Forte.

Interesting Facts

  1. Warner Bros., whose TV shows were previously only aired on HBO, is now partnering with video hosting services. After signing a contract with Apple +, representatives of the corporation began to cooperate with Netflix, while the success of the first TV show “Sweet Tooth” was not long in coming: the 1st episode was watched by 2 million viewers.
  2. Christian Convery already in 2021 got into 3 nominations for the best leading role, while the young actor fights for them not only in the “Kids” category, but also on a par with adults. The results are currently unknown.
  3. For Will Forte, prescription glasses were specially selected and, according to the actor, it was difficult to focus the gaze, but it turned out to be even harder to walk in them. This often led to funny situations, because of the glasses, Forte was often lost in space. Despite all the difficulties, the actor perfectly managed to show his character as a “courageous nerd”.
  4. Toa Fraser was hired as director. Warner Bros. not so long ago signed a contract with him. After the TV series “Daredevil” he has not worked anywhere, although several years have passed. According to Fraser, he lacked inspiration and wanted to change his life.
  5. Filming started in July 2020. The main filming locations were selected in New Zealand. Recall that it was in this country that such TV projects as “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit”, “The Last Samurai” and others were created.
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Sweet Tooth Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1April 27, 2023
2x02Series 2April 27, 2023
2x03Series 3April 27, 2023
2x04Series 4April 27, 2023
2x05Series 5April 27, 2023
2x06Series 6April 27, 2023
2x07Series 7April 27, 2023
2x08Series 8April 27, 2023

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