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The TV show “Tales of the Walking Dead” tells about individual fragments of life that happen to different people. There is only one connection — this is a world dominated by zombies. Either you get used to it or you die. Walkers are everywhere: they filled the entire planet and people have to fight for the remaining supplies. And even in the world of zombies, a person is forced to fight with the same as himself…

“Tales of the Walking Dead ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the post-apocalyptic TV series “Tales of the Walking Dead” has not been officially announced. But Scott M. Gimple and Channing Powell, the creators of Season 1, have said more than once that they have another big project in mind. Does this mean that the announcement of season 2 is only a matter of time?

It is currently known that the producers of the project are preparing the next spin-off of “The Walking Dead” for the viewer, but there is no information about the season 2 of “Tales of the Walking Dead”.


Even before the apocalypse, Joe did not leave the idea that something terrible would come. He did not leave his native bunker unnecessarily and was always ready for uninvited guests. Any unexpected visitor could easily get hit in the face with a pitchfork. Through correspondence, he met a woman whose views coincided with his own. The apocalypse has come, and the dead began to come to life, eating the living…

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Communication between Joe and his Internet sweetheart has ceased. He lived in a bunker with his beloved dog and was engaged in urgent matters, enthusiastically rereading his correspondence with his beloved. Another zombie attack on his territory ended in the death of a friend, and then Joe realized that something needed to be changed so as not to vegetate alone until the end of his days.

In search of a pen pal, he heads to the other side of the country and accidentally meets a vegetarian named Evie. The girl becomes his companion, albeit a very annoying one. At the end of the journey, they manage to find those whom they did not expect to see. But hopes were dashed. And the main characters again went to travel…

Frame from the TV show

Blair and Gina became another guests of “Tales of the Walking Dead”. The insurance company owned by the self-absorbed Blair is having a hard time. Gina hates her boss with all her heart and does not even try to hide it. For several years, there have been disagreements between them, in which Gina is forced to endure the attacks of the leadership.

But one day, both women fall into a time loop and, after death, both of them are sure to find themselves in the workplace. At first, it all seems strange, and they try to find an explanation. But after the time gap repeats for hundreds of times, they lose hope of breaking out. But the right option still exists, and they will find it …

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It’s already clear that Season 2 won’t end with stories from the lives of beloved characters, but the plot will focus on new characters. Whom the loyal fans of the Walking universe would like to see in the new episodes is already known, but who the creators of the show will show — we will find out very soon!

Actors and their roles

  • Joe — a lonely man suffering from the loss of his dog; was ready for the end of the world even before it came, because he had a premonition of something really tragic; wanted to find a girlfriend with whom he corresponded, but came across a crazy woman who tried to kill him; he is friends with Evie, whom he sometimes cannot bear — Terry Crews.
  • Evie — a vegetarian, marijuana lover and things like that; she was looking for her lover, who left her shortly before the invasion of walkers; in the end, she finds only paintings painted by him, one of which depicts her in the image of his beloved woman; travels with a goat that she refuses to eat — Olivia Munn.
  • Blair — the owner of an insurance agency; going to get married; gets into an unpleasant story with an unloved worker and cannot get out of it; becomes kinder over time and even lets the rest of the workers go home when the apocalypse begins — Parker Posey.
  • Gina — a silent receptionist who takes calls; expresses dissatisfaction with Blair when she goes beyond all the limits of decency; becomes a hostage of a time loop, where she dies at the same time as her boss; often tries to steal a fuel truck and only succeeds when she does it with Blair — Jillian Bell.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In some episodes of the season 1, characters appear who participate in other TV series related to the same universe. The most prominent representative is Alpha, who managed to establish herself as a first-class killer, who did not even spare her own daughter Lydia.
  2. Terry Crews became famous after numerous releases of advertising Old Spice. His filmography includes popular TV series such as: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“, “Everybody Hates Chris”, “The Expendables”, “Where’s the Money”, etc.
  3. In the episode 1 of the season 1, when Evie and Joe fought off a group of walkers, the girl noticed that one of them had his heart torn out. Few of the audience attached importance to this fact, and yet it is directly related to the main antagonist, who will soon appear in the universe of the Walking Dead.

Tales of the Walking Dead Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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