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Mossad agent Tamar Rabinyan is trying with all her might to cope with the oppression of the Tehran authorities and goes to an unfriendly country in order to resist the activation of nuclear weapons. She has to hide behind a false name in order not to give herself away. But everything turns out to be even more confusing than Tamar could have imagined. There are few chances of survival, and the agent will have to take advantage of each of them…

“Tehran ss 3”: release date, announcement

Sequel to the spy drama “Tehran” officially announced in February 2023!
The excellent ratings of previous seasons could be considered a guarantee that we would see new episodes. The premiere of season 3 is scheduled for early 2024. The exact release date is still unknown. In the new season, one of the main roles will be played by English actor Hugh Laurie.

It should be noted that the TV series “Tehran” became the first Israeli project awarded the international Emmy Award in the nomination “Best Drama Series”.


2 people accidentally get on a plane to Tehran who bought tickets at the last moment and were not too attentive when they were boarding. Being native Israelis, casual passengers become unwelcome guests in a foreign country. Relations between Tehran and Israel are known for their brutality, so passengers are scared to death, because they can be executed on the square, without being allowed to fly home.

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The head of security Faraz Kamali arrives to talk to them. Seeing that there is nothing to fear, he decides to let them go back home. Soon he sees a video taken at the exit of the women’s toilet. One of the inattentive passengers, whom he dismissed after the conversation, spoke to an unfamiliar woman, considering her a former colleague in the Israeli troops.

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The lady just waved off the uninvited interlocutor and went on. After carefully reviewing the recording, Faraz realizes that one woman went to the toilet, and another one came out. Since Tehran’s strict laws apply to women’s appearance, it was difficult to recognize another woman – she was fully dressed and her eyes were covered with sunglasses. Perhaps the Israeli woman really knows her?

Frame from the TV show

Meanwhile, Tamar, who has changed clothes in the toilet, goes to a shabby apartment. She is waiting for a meeting with a professional hacker who can help her uncover many dark secrets of the enemy state. Everyone here knows her, but they take her for another person. This allows Tamar to easily move around the city and even enter secret buildings that can be useful to her for a mission.

One random mistake, and Faraz is on her trail. Dreaming of dealing with the enemy as harshly as possible, Kamali postpones his vacation with his wife and begins spying on Tamar. They are both experienced warriors, so the fight promises to be brutal…

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The season 2 has become more dramatic, revealing Tamar from a new side for the viewer. Numerous losses, for which she blames herself, as well as the reshuffle of enemy forces, forced the agent to stay in Tehran again. But in season 3, she will have to gather her strength and put everything she has left on the line. Will the authorities allow such lawlessness on the territory of their homeland?

Actors and their roles

  • Tamar Rabinyan — born in Iran, but has lived in Israel all her life; works for the Mossad; is well versed in computer technology; a woman who worked at a power plant was chosen as a cover for her; hides after an accidental mistake in the toilet, because the Iranians suspected something was wrong – Niv Sultan.
  • Faraz Kamali — the head of the investigation department; deals with the most dangerous cases of the introduction of foreign agents into Iran from abroad; is cruel, at the same time loves his wife very much and tries not to contradict her; suppresses lies and knows how to extract information from enemies; smart, thinks a few steps ahead; hunts for a newly arrived Israeli woman who changed her image in women’s restroom – Shaun Toub.
  • Milad — Tamar’s lover; drug dealer and oppositionist of the Islamic Republic – Shervin Alenabi.
  • Naahid — Faraz’s wife; a domineering woman; hates her husband’s work and does not hide it; does not feel proud of his high position, considering it the height of bad manners — Shila Ommi.
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Interesting facts

  1. The premiere episode appeared on June 22, 2020 on the Israeli state TV channel “Kan 11”. Internationally, the broadcast began only on September 25 on Apple TV+. It is Apple TV+ that now has all the rights to distribute the TV series around the world.
  2. The TV show uses dialogues in English, Persian and Hebrew. The actors were selected for the roles in such a way that they did not have to learn a new language – so the directors avoided unnecessary accents that could spoil the impression when viewing the picture. The only exception was the main character.
  3. As for Niv Sultan, the actress is Israeli by origin. According to the script, her character speaks several languages fluently. And if Niv speaks English perfectly, then Persian had to be taught for 4 months. It took the same amount of time to study Krav Maga, a hand–to-hand combat system studied in Israel.
  4. Filming of the season 1 took place in Athens (Greece).
  5. The TV series “Tehran” was a great success in three countries: India, Japan and Singapore.

Tehran Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Ep. 1Early 2024
3x02Ep. 2Early 2024
3x03Ep. 3Early 2024
3x04Ep. 4Early 2024
3x05Ep. 5Early 2024
3x06Ep. 6Early 2024
3x07Ep. 7Early 2024
3x08Ep. 8Early 2024

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