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97 years have passed since the events of a nuclear explosion on Earth, but it is still believed that the planet has become uninhabited for humans. All who survived are in outer space, on the same orbital station, called the “Ark”. Since the resources have not been enough for a long time, people decided to use one death sentence – a person who has reached the age of majority is punishable by death penalty for any offenses…

When will the series “The 100 Season 7” be released?

The continuation of season 7 of the series “The 100” will be released May 20, 2020.

During the waiting period, many fans lost hope, and the delay with the release of season 6 was a real torture – most viewers falsely assumed that season 5 was final. But no – it turns out that the minimum number of seasons that the director of the film is counting on is 8, so you shouldn’t despair earlier than it should be!

p.s. The premiere of the new season may be postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world.


But how to punish underage? After all, even in such a society, people are unable to raise a hand against a teenager. And here too there was a solution. 100 people under the age of majority are involved in the pursuit of resources – the guys are sent to Earth as bait for the mutants inhabiting the planet, and also to find out if it is possible to live on Earth and how safe is it?

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It was planned that a hundred people would be landed near Washington near a specialized military base. But in the end, the ship stops in a small deviation from the final goal. The guys almost immediately find out – you can live on Earth, but you have to fight for this right with mutants and other horrible creatures who survived a nuclear strike.

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The Ark sent out girls and boys with several targets, but after the explosion on board the ship all plans were destroyed. The uprising, which staged minors, even more affected the leadership of the Ark, as well as the guys themselves. Only a few of them survived and were able to adapt on Earth.

Frame from the series

Right inside one of the mountains, which was called Weather, the surviving adolescents have to make contact with earthlings. Here is a whole colony of people who were able to escape from a nuclear explosion. During the time they were on the planet, the children learned that the cause of the explosion was the robotic technology that acquired their own thinking.

For several seasons, adolescents tried to fight with artificial intelligence, which was active for about 100 years. But when the intellect was defeated, it turned out that the problem did not exhaust itself. Most of the nuclear reactors were under the control of this mind, so the danger of the complete destruction of the Earth remains…

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In season 7, the struggle for survival will continue. Only inside the team new scandals flare up. Will the heroes be able to decide for themselves what is more precious to them – their own destinies or the future of humanity? This will be the hardest choice in their lives. And the most dangerous. Let’s hope that the guys once again will be able to solve a difficult problem.

Actors and their roles

  • Clarke Griffin – one of 100 underage gangsters who were sent to Earth, here she found her parents, who devoted their lives to medicine, Clark is caring, most often in a relationship during the series, previously met with Will, but then revised her mind and made a choice in favor of another man – Eliza Taylor.

Interesting Facts

  1. In early autumn of 2012, The CW channel acquired the plot of a pilot series from Alloy Entertainment. Only 6 months later were filming ordered. In the spring of 2014, season 1 appeared, then a sequel appeared once a year. Thus, in the spring of 2020 is expected to season 7 of the series “The 100”.
  2. Right during the casting, some popular stars joined the pilot episode – they had to urgently rewrite the script and add them to the plot. The CW series are renowned for their punctuality and accuracy, so for managers, the decision to take on a team of new actors was a crazy move. As a result, it turned out – also successful.
  3. The main role went to the Australian, and most of the stars of the series – the indigenous Canadians. A small proportion are citizens of other countries. This does not prevent the guys to communicate perfectly with each other both on the site and outside – to fly to each other for a visit, while the series is in production.
  4. The shooting took place in Vancouver – this made it easier for most actors to come to work. Also, Vancouver does not charge large sums from the film crew for filming on their territory. In addition, there are benefits that film companies can use to decide to shoot a TV series in Vancouver.
  5. Eliza Taylor had no experience in the USA – the girl sent her video resume, which the producers liked. After that, she appeared in the TV series “The 100” and became the central figure of the story. Many were hurt that Eliza was able to achieve such success without actually listening. But soon she proved her professionalism.
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The 100 Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1May 20, 2020
7x02Series 2May 27, 2020
7x03Series 3June 3, 2020
7x04Series 4June 10, 2020
7x05Series 5June 17, 2020
7x06Series 6June 24, 2020
7x07Series 7July 1, 2020
7x08Series 8July 8, 2020
7x09Series 9July 15, 2020
7x10Series 10July 22, 2020

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