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How often do special services get in the way of people’s happiness? How many fates break political tensions? The series clearly talks about the complexities of relationships, when people working for the government decide to be together.

When will the series “The Americans Season 7” come out?

The continuation of the political drama “The Americans” will not take place, as in early 2018 the FX channel officially announced the closure of the project. Let’s not despair, because the 6th season gave the viewer answers to all the questions that have been accumulating for several years.


Russian “Management C” was too concerned about the situation in America after the election of Reagan as president. To be at the center of information events happening abroad, the Russians send the two best scouts to the suburbs of Washington.

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Michail and Nadezhda take on new names – now they are Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, a married couple. For several seasons, viewers watched as their working relationship turns into love. Young people actually start to feel real feelings for each other.

As a result, the pair are born two beautiful children, who were decided to name Paige and Henry. Young people are unspeakably happy, but unexpected obstacles come. While they are collecting information on foreign land and building their family life, a man is being settled in a neighboring house. It turns out that this is an agent of counterintelligence called Stan.

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Now the Jennings will have to be even more cautious than before, because the disclosure of the agent is punishable by death. Mysterious events, which are sometimes confounded, allow one to doubt the correctness of his mission. The murders of scouts and other KGB agents further exacerbate the situation, because now, in addition to their own lives, Mikhail and Nadezhda are most afraid of losing their dear family.

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Actors and their roles

  • Phillip, Michail – an illegal scout of “Office C”, sent to task in the enemy’s lair, a native of the city of Tobolsk, Russia – Matthew Reese.
  • Elizabeth, Nadezhda – an illegal scout of “Office S”, forced to live with her colleague Mikhail, and later in love with a colleague and having given birth to two children, a native of Smolensk, Russia – Keri Russell.
  • Stan Biman – an FBI agent, one of the numerous employees of the counterintelligence unit, Phillip’s chief enemy and Elisabeth’s – Noah Emmerich.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series was broadcast on FX channel from January 2013 and ended in early 2018. During this time, 65 episodes were issued, each of which lasted 45 minutes. Until now, the reason for the closure remains unknown, because the profitability of the series was at an acceptable level. In March 2015, the official website has the first information that the series is extended for 5 and 6 seasons, which will be final and reveal all the cards. For 2 years, viewers were sure that the creators would change their mind.
  2. The script and the creator of the series was made by the former intelligence agent Joe Weisberg, who decided to exchange serious work for a more creative one. His hand wrote scripts for the series “Fight” and “Ruined Heaven”.
  3. The director of the last seasons was Daniel Sakhaim. Previously, he participated in the creation of the series “Doctor House”, “X-Files: Fight for the Future”, “Miami Police: The Department of Morals”, “National Security” and many others.
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The Americans Season 7 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1closed
7x02Series 2closed
7x03Series 3closed
7x04Series 4closed
7x05Series 5closed
7x06Series 6closed
7x07Series 7closed
7x08Series 8closed
7x09Series 9closed
7x10Series 10closed

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