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School teacher Frances and her son celebrate Easter on the island. Having lost sight of the child for just a minute, the woman goes after him. But she finds only his remains, left after a collision with a car. Several months of searching for the perpetrators do not lead the police to a result. Then Frances decides on her own to find and punish the monster that killed her child…

“The Beast Must Die ss 2”: release date, announcement

So far, the sequel to the detective drama “The Beast Must Die” has not been announced, although the cycle of the novels of the same name by Nicholas Blake, which became the basis for the plot, is not shown in full. Therefore, we are monitoring the information and will update the article as soon as there is news.

And even if the story of Frances is over, Nigel still remains a detective, in whose hands new intricate investigations fall.


Three months after the death of her son, Frances again visits the police. The previous detective who was involved in this case died not so long ago, and in his place came Nigel Strangeways, whose psychological health was undermined. After a quick look at the case, he goes to talk to Frances and announces that the case will be closed, since there are no leads.

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Frances immediately realizes that Nigel hasn’t paid attention to her problem. After reproaching the police officer for inaction and ignorance, the woman goes home, withdraws the remaining money from the account, quits her job and independently undertakes the investigation.

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Soon, an old man from the island talks about the scandal of a passing couple on an ATV. Recognizing the girl from the ATV from the photo, the old man gave impetus to the investigation. Frances quickly figured out the whereabouts of the girl, got into her confidence and began to inquire in detail about everything that interested her. The only exception was the topic of ATV riding on the day of her child’s death. For the sake of persuasion, Frances introduced herself as a detective writer.

Frame from the TV show

During this time, Nigel tries to cope with the panic attacks. Past crimes committed in front of his eyes now appear in his memory and prevent him from concentrating. Visits to a psychiatrist do not help, since every working day more and more reopens old wounds. The situation leads to new crimes in front of him, which he again could not prevent.

And Frances has already met the girl’s family and even found a potential killer. He turned out to be a hot-tempered man who adores expensive sports cars, beautiful girls and dubious hobbies. And he is so rich and spoiled that he can hush up any scandal. But the beast must die! So decided a mother who will never see her child alive again.

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But how can a law-abiding woman take the life of a rich and powerful man? How quickly will George realize that he is communicating with the one who wishes him death? How is he with Nigel? And how will the detective’s path cross again with the heartbroken mother?

Actors and their roles

  • Frances Cairnes – grief-stricken mother who lost her son; introduces herself as different people, trying to find out the whole truth about the events that happened to her son on Easter; goes on the trail of the killer and wants revenge, dreaming of seeing him dead – Cush Jumbo.
  • Nigel Strangeways – having survived the recent tragedy, he cannot calm down; suffers from panic attacks and tries to convince the psychiatrist that he does not need therapy; tormented by a sense of guilt towards Frances, whose file he really did not have time to read with due attention; at the beginning of the TV series, takes the place of the previously murdered detective, whose death raises many questions – Billy Howle.
  • George Rattery – male, 60 years old; flirts with his daughter-in-law; sees no reason not to use money to achieve any goals; becomes the target of Frances, convinced that it was George who shot down her son and left the scene; George is an excellent manipulator and strategist – Jared Harris.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The writer Nicholas Blake (his real name is Cecil Day-Lewis) did not link to crime victims. From book to book he transferred only a detective, whose life is described in detail. The TV show’s theoretical season 2 will likely tell a different detective story. Only the place, Detective Strangeways, his inner demons and the police station will remain the same.
  2. With age, Jared Harris has become a more in-demand actor. Playing villains, he perfectly understands how harmonious he looks in such a role. However, Jared really does play any role. Among the last outstanding works of the actor: “Terror“, “Chernobyl“, “The Crown” and many others.
  3. In the book, Charles Thenier is the father of the deceased boy. But when they decided to make a new adaptation, a black woman was made the heroine. The previous film based on the book by Nicholas Blake was released in 1969 and was called “THIS MAN MUST DIE”.

The Beast Must Die Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced

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