The Beguiled 2 release date


The tape is a joint production of three American film companies: Focus, Universal and Sofia Coppola.
His world premiere took place on May 27, 2017. It is based on the novel by writer Thomas Cullinan. This film has absorbed several genres, but the main one is drama. Thanks to the successful rental of films both in America and abroad, the producers launched a continuation of the story.

When will be released movie The Beguiled 2

At the moment there is no information that the 2nd part of the film “The Beguiled” will be released on the screens.

Scriptwriters and producers, considering the charges and receiving the interest of the audience, immediately decided to start work on the continuation after the premiere of the 1st part. But the shooting process has not started.

The idea and the plot line of the film.

Events take place during the Civil War in the United States. The main place of action is a closed boarding house, in which after the escape of teachers, students and slaves there were only the head of the boarding house Martha Farnsworth and five pupils. Thanks to the fact that nobody knew about the boarding house, the girls managed to hide from the outside world in their own happy world.

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The-Beguiled-part-2Once one of the pupils of the boarding house Amy, collecting mushrooms, accidentally stumbled upon a wounded corporal of the federal army John McBurney. The girl called her friends to decide what to do with the injured person. On the one hand, it is impossible to leave him alone to die in the forest, and on the other – the appearance of a young man on the threshold of a boarding house can lead to the disclosure of their secret shelter. The girls decide to help the wounded soldier, and then bring him to the nearest settlement.

The shelter in the boarding house of an outsider, Marta Farnsworth did not guess at what fateful temptation doomed her pupils. After John McBurney was in the walls of the boarding house, he laid eyes on one of the girls named Edwin. And after a while he started flirting with the girl. But he is not limited only to Edvina, the object of seduction is the head of the boarding house.

Somehow accidentally finding herself in Miss Martha’s room, Edwin is witnessing how John McBurney and the head of Farnsworth are having sex. And this is strictly forbidden in the walls of the institution. A scandal is brewing. To regain peace in the walls of the boarding house, the girls decide to get rid of the man. Corporal McBurney miraculously manages to escape from the revenge of the pupils of the closed institution.

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What to expect from “The Beguiled 2”.

If the film “The Beguiled 2” will be released on the screens, the plot will tell viewers about the future of the inmates of a closed boarding house. The mystery of the location of the institution will be known to a wide range of people. And in connection with the disclosure of this mystery the number of new characters should increase significantly. The horror of the civil war, one way or another, will affect young girls. The happy world of pupils of the boarding house will try to destroy the people who became participants of internecine slaughter. Among them will be men who want to encroach on the virginity of boarding school pupils.

Actors and their roles.

  • Colin Farrell – corporal of the federal army John McBurney.
  • Nicole Kidman – the head of the boarding house Martha Fartsworth.
  • Emma Howard – Emily
  • Kirsten Dunst – Edwin Morrow
  • Una Lawrence – Amy
  • El Fanning – Alicia
  • Anguri Rice-Jane
  • Addison Ricky-Mary
  • Wayne Per-captain
  • Matt Story-Soldier-Confederate
  • Joel Albin
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News and interesting facts.

  1. The director, as well as one of the authors of the script of the film is the daughter of Francis Sophia Carmina Coppola. She is the third female director who claimed to receive an Oscar for directing.
  2. In the world box office the film collected about 27.8 million dollars, while the film budget was only 10.5 million.
    In the Latvian language there is the word “Pieviltie”, consonant with the original name of the film, this word is translated as “Disappoint”.
  3. The film was presented in 2017 at the festival in Cannes.
  4. Teacher in mastering the skills of medical care during the Civil War in the US for Nicole Kidman was a participant in historical reconstructions.
  5. According to Sofia Coppola, the heroine Kristen Dunst should have looked more slender. And so the actress was asked to lose weight. But due to the fact that Kristen Dunst can not tolerate sports activities, and as the actress claims, she was recently on a diet for filming in another project, then the director was denied.
  6. Producers wanted the film to star in an actor, similar to Chris Pratt. However, in the end, the main role was approved by Colleen Farrell.

The Beguiled 2 release date

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