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FBI special agents can’t understand what’s the matter – the world famous criminal Raymond Reddington personally enters the Federal Bureau building, after which he gives out information about another, no less dangerous criminal. There is only one snag – he does not want to talk with anyone other than the new employee, Elizabeth Keen. What connects these two characters and what does the criminal achieve?

When will the sequel to “The Blacklist Season 8” be released?

The continuation of the detective picture “The Blacklist” will appear on November 13, 2020. The further the events unfold, the greater the popularity of the series. Nobody even thinks about closing the project, since work on the season 8 is almost finished, and the scriptwriters are already busy writing a new plot.

It is known that in the season 8 there will be many new characters. Their names are still unknown – the first frames with them will appear only when the first trailer comes out.


For many years, Reddington was hiding from the harsh security services and only once was he on the verge of being caught. As a result, during his time at large, Raymond managed to establish himself as a wonderful fraudster, able to find out any information. But once in his life trouble comes, and if he does not solve it, then he is in mortal danger.

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Reddington goes to the FBI to personally surrender to the police and at least somehow extend his existence. As a negotiator, he selects a new employee – psychoanalyst Elizabeth Keen. The girl is completely at a loss when she is asked why Reddington decided to work with her. But soon everything becomes clear, while not in the best way.

Friends contact her Liz, she is from Baltimore, she got married not so long ago, she dreams of taking a child from an orphanage and in every possible way focuses on her family, promising her husband never to put work in the first place. Raymond already knows all these subtleties and skillfully uses her in a conversation. His strange questions concern the childhood of Elizabeth, her scars, both mental and physical.

Frame from the series


Receiving some concessions from the FBI authorities and information about Elizabeth’s past, Reddington, in return, provides information about criminals who plan to commit new attacks, killings and other atrocities. In this case, all the information from Raymond comes only if Elizabeth agrees to work with him.

Often circumstances are such that Keen does not want to have anything to do with Reddington, starting with the attempt on her husband’s life, which happened through Raymond’s fault, and ending with deeper problems in communicating with him. It soon becomes clear that Reddington appeared at the FBI so that he would not be killed by the enemies who are currently at large.

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For several seasons the guys have to resolve their own differences, but even in such a serious tandem it is very difficult to completely exclude the possibility of future victims. Raymond is smart and dangerous, not always he manages to achieve his own goals, but more often than not he manages to stay on top…

Actors and their roles

  • Raymond Reddington – a global criminal; he is cunning, dangerous, unpredictable; trying to hide from enemies with the help of the FBI; cooperates with those who are beneficial to him; has no political orientation in his motives – the customer is those who pay him more – James Spader.
  • Elizabeth Keen – a new FBI employee who, barely getting a job, immediately became the target of a dangerous criminal; She was originally married and wanted to take the child from the shelter, but it soon turned out that her husband was an undercover agent – Megan Boone.

Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the 6th season, James Spader began to actively participate in other projects, which significantly slowed down the shooting of the series. As a result, the actor had to abandon some projects, because there was not enough time for everything, and the agents demanded that he treat the terms of the contract for “The Blacklist” series more responsibly.
  2. When Megan Boone became pregnant, the writers for a long time could not come up with a worthy legend for her character. In the end, it was decided to make her the heroine pregnant, and then beat everything in such a way that Elizabeth gave the child for adoption to another family.
  3. Critics say that when they watched season 1, they planned to abandon further viewing of the series, but James Spader’s game made them see the season to the end. As a result, now the audience watching one episode reaches 16 million viewers around the world! The figure is considered a record and one can only guess how high the royalties are received by actors participating in the main roles.
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The Blacklist Season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1November 13, 2020
8x02Series 2November 20, 2020
8x03Series 3November 27, 2020
8x04Series 4December 4, 2020
8x05Series 5December 11, 2020
8x06Series 6December 18, 2020
8x07Series 7December 25, 2020
8x08Series 8January 1, 2021
8x09Series 9January 8, 2021
8x10Series 10January 15, 2021

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