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New York. The city in which the most influential people of America come. Many of the newcomers just started building a career path, and three of our heroines have already begun to change their future. In an attempt to find a true destination, they are assigned to a prestigious job, because it is money that, in their opinion, will help the other dreams come true. But is everything the way it is, as they think? Or are there more important things?

When will the series “The Bold Type Season 3” come out?

Continuation of the comedy picture “The Bold Type” will be held on April 9, 2019. The series is gaining popularity at a steady pace, and every next season becomes even more exciting.


Sutton, Jane and Kat are good friends. Each of them holds his position in the famous American magazine “Scarlett”. Career is developing well, periodically the girls attend social parties, where all the beau monde of New York hang out and communicate with influential people in order to establish ties.

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They try to look like they should be to the workers of the elite magazine – they are always in shape, they are beautifully and neatly dressed, behave like true glamorous things. It seems the dream of any normal girl. But the girlfriends are in the eternal search for spiritual comfort, which is so lacking at a young age.

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Sutton, Jane and Kat are looking for their love, which you can plunge into and forget about everyday problems. But the working schedule does not allow them to allow such excesses. It’s hard to find a young man when all the time the girls spend at work.

The dream of finding a rich and successful man for the subsequent creation of a family remains a dream, while the main characters prefer work. But eventually they find a way out of the situation, though beloved ones do not stay with them for long. Maybe in the third season they will be able to translate dreams into real life?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Jane Sloan – a kind, sweet girl, can not hesitate to tell a person about his shortcomings, beautiful friend – Cathy Stevens.
  • Sutton Brady – the first began to bring discord in the relationship between the girls, for a long time hiding her affair with an influential man, which provoked a scandal with friends – Megan Feiji.
  • Kat Edison – sweet even until she touches her person, calmly expresses her opinion, even if it goes against the public, but in relations with men is extremely shy – Aisha Dee.

Interesting Facts

  1. One of the directors of the series was Jamie Travis, whose career has been successfully moving forward since 2005. In addition to directing, acts in the series as a screenwriter, producer and even an actor.
  2. The television channel “FreeForm” has been broadcasting the picture since 2017. With a break of approximately 1 year, the new season of the series “The Bold Type”, which is a relatively short break.
  3. On the extension of the series for the third season, producer Ian Deichman reported in an interview on the series.
  4. Joanna Coles became the screenwriter of the series. The woman took the story from her own memories of the work in “Mary Clare”. Years later, from 2012 to 2016, Coles worked as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine.
  5. The original idea of ​​the script was to transfer the memories of Joanna Coles to the male image, but many inconsistencies, concerning male and female behavior, would not convey the full acuteness of the sensations that the authors of this picture told us.
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The Bold Type Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1April 9, 2019
3x02Series 2April 16, 2019
3x03Series 3April 23, 2019
3x04Series 4April 30, 2019
3x05Series 5May 7, 2019
3x06Series 6May 14, 2019
3x07Series 7May 21, 2019
3x08Series 8May 28, 2019
3x09Series 9June 4, 2019
3x10Series 10June 11, 2019

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