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The Chi season 2 tells of the troubled routine of the inhabitants of Chicago. Barack Obama himself comes from these parts and certainly knows about all the excesses that are taking place there. The southern part of the city is full of colors of poverty, forcing civilians to go to crime. How to survive in a place where danger lies in wait for people around every corner?

When will the series “The Chi season 2” start?

Serie Chicagoans season 2 will be released on April 7, 2019. The first season ended recently, leaving a pleasant impression, thereby prolonging itself for another season. Included in the top 20 of the best series according to the viewers of the content of “Netflix”.


African Americans are still considered oppressed by the people. The confrontation between white and black, has lasted for several centuries, not leaving any of the parties indifferent. In the southern quarters live thousands of blacks, oppressed by white cops.

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Hunger pushes people to rash acts, including violence and murder. Even children are forced to steal to feed themselves. In addition to the huge growth of criminals, there live truly talented people whose thoughts are directed only to a positive channel. Such a person is Alex Hibbert.05-the-chi.w

To prove to society its importance, the guy will have to make a titanic effort. At the same time, at the other end of the street, find the corpse of one of the residents, they are a guy named Jason. Kugi, who found the body, took care of the contents of the pockets of the dead man.

Close relatives of Jason find out about this and begin to track down the boy. The fate of Kugi can be assumed. This is the beginning of a string of incidents, covering a wide range of persons.

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The theme of nationalism in modern America sharply covers the entire population, which is why directors often use it in their serials. The desire to please the public is the paramount task of every film shot.

Actors and their roles


  • Alain Lenoir. A young actress growing one and a half meters. Despite her childhood, she managed to star in a lot of TV series, including “Raven House”, “Chicago Medic”, “Madiba”, “Chicago Police”, as well as “Black Comedy.”
  • Tanya Hamilton. Recent work with her participation: “The Vampire Diaries”, “American Crime”, “The Queen of Sugar”, “Popular and in Love”.
  • Jason Mitchell. Actor career began in 2015, but already has many awards and nominations for “The Voice of the streets.” He played episodic roles in the series “Especially Serious Crimes” and “Electric Dreams of Phillip K. Dick.”

Each of the above actors is African American. All are characters living in the southern part of Chicago.

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Interesting Facts

  1. The series “The Chi season 2” was produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and Freedom Road Productions.
  2. In addition to the role in the television series, Tanya Hamilton is a member of the directors. Her colleagues in the film are Dave Rodriguez and Rick Famuyeva. Previously, young people did not work together, but in this picture they quickly found a common language.
  3. Preparation for the release of the first season lasted only 3 months. This includes samples, castings, shooting, editing and all financial issues. If the creators continue to work as thoroughly, it is possible that the premier of the second season will be transferred to a closer future.

Black mirror season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1June 5, 2019
5x02Series 2June 12, 2019
5x03Series 3June 19, 2019


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