The Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chair

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Pevensi became adults. Now they can not get into a magical country called Narnia, because only children can enter there. Once visiting a wonderful place with his cousin Justes, they did not even suspect that then the guy would go there without them.

When will the film “The Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chair” come out?

The premiere of the continuation of the fantastic fairy tale “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair” can be held at the end of 2020. For a long time, the creators of the film had issues related to copyrights, in connection with which the time of filming was slowed down.


Eustace Vred was an ordinary boy, went to school, where his classmate was Jill Pole. One day, Eustace found the girl in a terrible state – she was depressed by a quarrel with her teacher. In order to at least somehow reassure her, the Vred began to tell about the beautiful Narnia and its inhabitants.

After the guys decided to hide from the teacher, the secret door, opened by Juste’s hand, transferred them to a fairy-tale country. Children did not long admire the beauty of these places – they met Aslan, who asked them to help find Prince Rilian.

Going to search, Eustace and Jill meet the Witch, clothed in green robes. With her magic, she forces the boy to submit to his will, in order to subsequently occupy the throne of the queen of Narnia. Children are waiting for a lot of dangerous adventures, which they have to go through to protect the magic place.

At first the boy is shown as an unpleasant type, not believing in magic, but after he personally became convinced of the existence of Narnia, it turns out that he is not such a terrible person. Will the guys find Prince Rilian? Will they find a supporter for their searches? And how can Eustace free himself from the curse of the wicked witch?

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Shot from the movie

Actors and their roles

  • Eustace Vred – spoiled the blood to his cousins, teasing them with stories about Narnia, was convinced that this is an invention, but later visited there with Lucy and Edmund, soon changing his mind – Will Polter.
  • Jill Pole is a classmate of Justes who happened to be in a magical land – El Fanning.
  • Caspian is the current Narnian king, in the last part sailed with Justes to the edge of the World – Janie Campbell Bauer.
  • The Green witch, the former ruler of Narnia, possesses magical power, which she uses for mercenary purposes, and tries to destroy all forest inhabitants-Tilda Swinton.

Interesting Facts

  1. The director of Part 4 was Joe Johnston. Awarded an Oscar for best visual effects, a talented actor, a successful writer. One of the few people who get everything for which they are taken.
  2. The films of the series “The Chronicles of Narnia”, based on the works of KS. Lewis and David Magee with the same name. The book was written in 1950, but the interest of viewers to the magic country remains unchanged. After the release of the first part, it was planned to stop the production of subsequent films, but the lack of interesting fairy tales in the film market only added to the demand for travel around Narnia.
  3. Production of the fourth part of the film is occupied by the film company “One Entertainment”. The first three parts were produced by other film studios. Given the confusion in the production process, it becomes clear why between films such large intervals in time.
  4. While it is unknown who will voice the lion Aslan, who is an invariable participant of each film. We hope that soon the information will be available to the viewer.

The Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chair release date

NameRelease date
The Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chairthe end of 2020

The Chronicles of Narnia The Silver Chair Official Trailer