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The TV show “The Crown” chronicles the longest reign in history. Queen Elizabeth II to this day takes her place on the English throne and is not going to retire. For a long time, there were rumors and controversies behind her, ill-wishers tried to make a coup, and even at the royal court there were those who tried in every possible way to trample the reputation of Queen. But did they succeed?

“The Crown ss 5”: release date, announcement

Netflix, which is distributing the show around the world, says that the sequel to the TV series “The Crown” will be seen by viewers on November 9, 2022!


The first season begins with a coveted wedding for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary and her beloved husband Philip. Despite the low title, the man was able to win the favor of the country’s most powerful woman. Soon Elizabeth gave birth to two children, whom her husband simply adored. After sitting at home, he turned into a real pedant, which annoyed Queen terribly. Meanwhile, George VI, the Queen’s father, fell terribly ill. Trying to hide the bad news, he only incurred bewilderment on the part of Winston Churchill, who immediately suspected something was wrong in George’s behavior.

In season 2, Elizabeth’s last child is born, the Suez crisis sets in, John F. Kennedy comes to power and then an unknown person kills him, leaving us with the eternal question – who is he? Season 3 tells about the landing of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the Moon, the funeral of Winston Churchill, the former Deputy Prime Minister, and many other tragic events. The more Elizabeth is in power, the sadder times become. And the fault of this is the people themselves, who take everything given by the state for granted. But who will help them to realize this?

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Frame from the TV show (season 2)

The fourth season was a new story centered on the acquaintance of Charles, son of Queen, and Princess Diana Spencer. This plot remains unchanged, but everything is shown from the point of view of Elizabeth. Also, Princess Margaret discovers that her cousins ​​are in a mental hospital. 1991 becomes the final event.

A lot of controversy gathers around season 5, which will show the death of Princess Diana, discord in the royal family, Camilla’s true face and the betrayal of Charles, who loved only one woman all his life. In addition, political differences between the royal court and members of parliament will be shown. Elizabeth’s family lives one tragedy after another, but Queen is growing stronger…

Actors and their roles

  • Elizabeth II – Queen of England, has been on the throne for over 60 years; married to Philip; brings up children and together with them experiences the difficulties of their family life – depending on age; in different seasons she was played by several actresses: Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Imelda Staunton.
  • Philip – the Queen’s husband; forced to do household chores, although he dreamed of a dizzying career, instead he devotes a lot of time to small children; he is arrogant, selfish and prefers to be considered selfish than to have an excellent reputation, in this he does not look like his wife – Matt Smith, Tobias Menzies, Jonathan Price.
  • Margaret – a princess, Elizabeth’s sister and one of the most rebellious persons in the royal court; with the same simplicity, she can change men, enter into new adventures, which makes her frivolous in the eyes of the public – Vanessa Kirby, Helena Bonham Carter, Lesley Manville.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The script was not discussed with real prototypes of the characters, that is, with the members of the royal family. The story told in the show is a complete invention of the author, although they tried to build it on world-famous events.
  2. The younger family members are more optimistic about the press and sometimes even give interviews. So, Prince Charles and his sons took part in a program for the BBC channel, where he said that the wedding on Lady Di was a huge mistake, since all his life he loved only Camilla, whom he met long before his wedding.
  3. After the release of Season 1, the royal family was asked questions about how true the events described in the TV series were. None of them considered it necessary to give any comments, explaining that there are more important things to do than watching a show related to their history. At the moment, there are hundreds of TV projects about Elizabeth and her family.
  4. Actress Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and the wife of Prince Harry were invited to shoot the show “The Crown”. Unfortunately, having married a representative of the royal dynasty, she had to come to terms with the loss of her acting career, because according to the rules of the court, she is not supposed to work.
  5. For a long time there was a debate about who will become the third actress, showing Elizabeth in these years. The choice fell on Imelda Staunton, whose manners in real life are similar to the royal ones. It is worth remembering her in the role of Dolores Umbridge, which she performed in the last parts of “Harry Potter” and everything immediately falls into place.
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The Crown Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1November 9, 2022
5x02Series 2November 9, 2022
5x03Series 3November 9, 2022
5x04Series 4November 9, 2022
5x05Series 5November 9, 2022
5x06Series 6November 9, 2022
5x07Series 7November 9, 2022
5x08Series 8November 9, 2022
5x09Series 9November 9, 2022
5x10Series 10November 9, 2022

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