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The movie tells us about the sensational struggle of the two greatest minds. George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison waged a struggle in choosing the use of constant and alternating currents. Confrontation lasted more than a century and ceased only in this century.
In September 2017 in social networks appeared trailer of the first part of the historical movie.

When will be “The Current War 2” released

Will the directors decide to remove the continuation of the film “The Current War”, the audience will know only after the results of the rental of the first film. Despite the excellent cast, the first moviegoers were not completely delighted with the film. That is why most viewers suggested that there will be no continuation. Moreover, the main story in the film has already been told.


Two great engineers, who decided to compete with mental abilities in the field of using electrical voltage, could not agree on the opinion. Edison fought for the right to distribute a direct current, and Westinghouse insisted on switching to a variable, finding a supporter in the person of Nikola Tesla. Since the nineteenth century, arguments have not abated, scientists have tried to prove superiority, but in 2007 all the points were set.

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The historical drama was launched in limited rental on December 22, 2017, and the open premiere was scheduled for February 22, 2018. Limited viewers made an indelible impression on the audience, and a week later, information became available that the actors would compete with other colleagues at the Oscars.

Alfonso Homer-Rehon, who acted as the director of the film, also participated in the creation of the series “American Horror History”, the shooting of which continues to this time. The viewer’s love for American thrillers does not cease to this day. Since 1991, Alphonse successfully builds a career as a director, annually adding a number of his fans.

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Actors and their roles

  • current-war-actorsGeorge Westinghouse – Michael Shannon. The famous American actor, musician. Repeatedly nominated for an Oscar. The most famous film is considered to be the “Road of Change”, where he played the unruly John Givings. He worked on the same site with filmmaker Jeff Nicholson.
  • Thomas Edison – Benedict Cumberbatch. The most popular actor, every film with his participation automatically becomes a favorite for viewers of the whole planet. Performing the role of a detective in the series “Sherlock”, rightfully won the title of the most charming Sherlock in the history of cinema. Genus and manners – a true Englishman.
  • Nikola Tesla – Nicholas Holt. Glory came to him along with the release of the films “X-Men”. Nicholas performed the role of the Beast, who received his mutation as a result of unsuccessful chemical experience.
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Interesting Facts

  1. With the release of limited rentals at the end of 2017 and the official open viewing in 2018, the film enthusiasts immediately realized that the film was being directed to the Oscar. The directors of the film “The Survivor”, where the prize went to Leonardo DiCaprio, also did the same.
  2. The plot of the film is based on real events. The opposition of engineers in historical chronicles is called the “war of currents.”
  3. In October 2017, young actresses accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, which forced him to cancel the premiere, originally scheduled for an open show in December 2017. The entire film crew suffered, and in the end, Angelina Jolie joined the lawsuit about harassment, which suffered from the director’s attacks earlier.

The Current War 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
The Current War 2not announced

Benedict Cumberbatch talks about The Current War

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