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Three little brothers recently lost their beloved father and remained in the care of his mother. To get the children out of the deep depression, instead of the usual gadgets, the mother gives them a book that the father once wrote for his sons.

When will the series “The Dangerous Book for Boys Season 2” come out?

Continuation of the series “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, unfortunately, will not take place. This was officially announced by the management of the Amazon Video.

Mysterious worlds and unknown civilizations completely plunged the viewer into the world of unknown secrets. But apparently, it did not make the proper impression. Ratings were not high and it was decided to close the project.


Every time trying to talk to her children, Beth comes across a wall of misunderstanding, which the sons erected for her, surrounded by computer games, consoles, phones and other equipment. For a long time she puzzled over the question of how to make children perceive the real world, rather than modern electronics.

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To cope with the guys, she, as a mother, takes away all the equipment from the guys and tries to talk, but the children are offended, because they have no alternative for hobbies. Then Beth, as a wise woman, finds the only correct decision.

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She tells the children about the book that the father created before his death – it was he who prepared for his children. Children with such ecstasy plunged into the painted sheets that unexpectedly for themselves plunged into the world of unforgettable impressions where there is a place to any magic, and the main thing – in each universe there is always a character, which is their father.

It consists of 80 items that describe in detail what to do in order to experience the entire charm of life. Now they are not interested in electronics and they are completely absorbed in the book, but knowingly it is called dangerous. What other adventures await young book travelers? And what can be the result of frequent introduction to the secret worlds? It seems that the mother’s plan to bring the children back to the real world failed miserably?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Patrick – the father of three sons who left the book for adventure in parallel worlds, appears in each of these worlds in different guises, for example, a pilot, an aborigine, a cowboy and the like – Chris Diamantopoulos.
  • White is Patrick’s son and Bet, a good guy, but sometimes he can be aggressive – Gabriel Bateman.
  • Dash is Patrick’s son and Beth, champion on tactless issues – Drew Powell.
  • Liam – the son of Patrick and Bet, is fond of online games, often communicates with rivals in video communication – Kain Zelinski.
  • Beth is the mother of three children who gave them her father’s book, thereby beginning the most fascinating stories in her children’s life – Errin Hayes.

Interesting Facts

  1. Directed by the series were four people at once: Greg Mottola, Luke Mezen, Todd Birman and Ken Kuopis.
  2. The premiere of the first season was held on March 30, 2018.
  3. The picture is a film adaptation of a children’s novel written by the brothers Iggulden. The TV version has little difference from the original, but like the book, it is very fascinating with an unusual storyline.
  4. For a long time critics did not take the picture seriously and believed that the book version could not interest the viewer. But after the successful completion of the first season it became clear that all fears were vain – the show was not only liked by the young audience, but also by adults.
  5. It is known in advance that if the second season is successful, the scriptwriters already have sketches for the plot of the third and fourth seasons. Given the popularity of the series – we may well witness at least four seasons.
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The Dangerous Book for Boys Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1will not take place
2x02Series 2will not take place
2x03Series 3will not take place
2x04Series 4will not take place
2x05Series 5will not take place
2x06Series 6will not take place
2x07Series 7will not take place
2x08Series 8will not take place
2x09Series 9will not take place
2x10Series 10will not take place

Outcast Season 2 & Dangerous Book for Boys

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