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For thousands of years, Thra flourished and delighted the locals, but soon the Skeksis flew to the planet, who took control of their hands. Mother Aughra was forced to give The Crystal of Truth to the hands of strangers in order to preserve peace on her planet. Instead of prosperity, the Skeksis focused on pumping power from the Crystal, and then dark times came on Thra…

When will the series “The Dark Crystal Season 2” be released?

It is officially known that the sequel to the fantastic TV show “The Dark Crystal” will not be released. The management of the TV series announced the closure of the project.

All the actors in the series are puppets run by professional puppeteers. The series premiered on August 30, 2019. The season 1 consisted of 10 episodes, the duration of each episode is 50 minutes.


For almost 1000 years, the Skeksis used the power of the Crystal, but recently it has become impossible, since everything that could be used has already been used up. The Skeksis could no longer extend their own lives, which means that their reign of Thra was in jeopardy. Skeksis Emperor begins to look for a way out.

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Realizing that the Crystal is already damaged, the Emperor orders his scientist to create an alternative that will help the rest of the Skeksis maintain life. Having made a mistake in the calculations, the scientist finds a way to use the Crystal in such a way that the life of its relatives can be extended at the expense of the lives of the inhabitants of Thra.

With the help of accomplices, the scientist abducts the Crystal Guard Gelfling, after which some residents of Thra begin to understand for what purpose the Skeksis use the Dark Crystal. Terrible things begin to happen on Thra: animals become uncontrollable, insects mutate, plants become wild and frighten the locals.

Frame from the series

The main fighters with the Skeksis are Rian and Brea. Most of the time, being in close proximity to these terrible creatures, they understand – soon Thra will be hard. After actions aimed at restoring the Skeksis’ vital energy, Rian decides to fight the offenders, persuades Brea, and gathers supporters in his ranks.

Among the creatures that inhabit Thra, there are those who are ready to engage in open battle with the Skeksis. Many tremble before their strength and knowledge. But the stronger the situation develops, the more it becomes clear why the Skeksis need to be quickly removed from power. The mutation of the Dark Crystal did not pass unnoticed and affected the nature of Thra.

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New landscapes, various clans ready to fight for their people, the ugly Skeksis, hungry for power – all this awaits the viewer. Rian and Brea will remain as the main defenders of Thra, but now more powerful allies will join them. Will the guys be able to save the world in the new season?

Voice Actors

  • Rian – a Gelfling crystal guard; in love with Brea – Taron Egerton.
  • Brea – the princess; she is kind and constantly gets into adventures; long been in love with Rian – Anya Taylor-Joy.
  • Deet – the caretaker; refers to the Grottan Clan – Nathalie Emmanuel.
  • Aughra – a female astronomer; is the keeper of secrets and the embodiment of the planet Thra – Donna Kimball.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series is a prequel to the 1982 film “The Dark Crystal” from director Jim Henson. A multi-part project tells in detail about the world of Thra, which was created in the original film. Clans speak different languages and with different gestures, which were invented by the scriptwriters.
  2. While voicing Brea, Anya Taylor-Joy simultaneously starred in the season 5 of “Peaky Blinders“, where she got a secondary role – Anya played the role of the wife of one of the Shelby brothers.
  3. One of the main persons of Thra was voiced by the most beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, known for her unconventional approach to work. Helena starred in most films about Harry Potter, where she got the role of a mad fan Bellatrix Lestrange. Her marriage with Tim Burton left its mark on such a career and helped to become famous.
  4. Nathalie Emmanuel is known for the series “Game of Thrones”, where in recent seasons she played the role of a servant, Daenerys Targaryen. Unfortunately, her heroine was beheaded in the last season, and immediately after the filming of the series, Nathalie began voicing Deet in “The Dark Crystal”. A girl with such talent does not remain without work!
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The Dark Crystal Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced
2x09Series 9not announced
2x10Series 10not announced

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