The Dark Knight 3

This is a popular action movie, based on the popular comics, where the main role was performed by Christian Bale. The first two parts of the “The Dark Knight” received rave reviews of critics and spectators, as well as many awards and film awards.

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Fans of the film still hope that the creators will begin work on the third part. The screenwriters, the director and Christian Bale himself have repeatedly stated that the film will not continue. The actor who played one of the best Batmanov said that he is proud of this project and wants on time, what is called the end point.

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Despite the fact that the new part would have brought a huge profit to the studio, Christopher Nolan himself admits that here, as in any other business, it’s important to stop in time not to disappoint the fans.

In addition, the story of Bruce Wayne in the “The Dark Knight” ended in a completely worthy final, and there is no point in trying and continuing.

What will happen in the continuation?

In this film, everything is fine: a great director’s work, amazing special effects and a fitting installation. Separately I would like to note the camera work, scenery and make-up. All this has allowed to create one of the best and worthy examples of the adaptation of comics.

This is a really serious and high-quality movie, which shows not only the banal confrontation between good and evil. Here, characters of heroes are perfectly spelled out. Despite this, the film makes you think. Many actions of heroes and villains are difficult to unequivocally evaluate.

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The dark knigth 3

Reviewing the film repeatedly, the viewer often come to the conclusion that each of the characters is rather ambiguous, and to give some definite assessment of his actions with each viewing is more and more difficult.

Separately, I want to say about the work of Heath Ledger. In the first part, he played the Joker and got an Oscar for the best male role posthumously. Here an interesting point is that not all Russian fans of the film appreciated his work. Until now, many argue about which of the Jockers is still the best. The problem here, as the loyal fans of the film found out, is dubbing. The fact is that in the Russian version the Joker speaks more emotionally.

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In his voice often skips high notes, which on the one hand irritate, and on the other hand cause some rejection. This was done probably in order to emphasize the insanity of the main villain. However, this is exactly what spoiled the overall impression.

If you look at the film in the original, it immediately catches your eye as to how much the English-speaking Joker is different from ours. As a result, the hero is perceived absolutely differently. He seems more serious, more sinister and more insane.

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