The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 2

Marvel Studios again decides to surprise its fans by creating a single mini-series about two popular heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have to face the irreparable consequences of Thanos’s snap on the planet. But this is not so easy to do, because there is nowhere to wait for help, and enemies, on the contrary, fly to Earth from everywhere.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ss 2”: release date, announcement

Since the fantastic show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” was originally created in the format of a mini-series, the creators did not plan Season 2. However, anything is possible.
There are many options for the development of the event, but mainly you should not forget that there are many interesting characters in the Marvel Universe, on which the plot of miniseries can also focus.


There have always been brave people with superpowers. They had a colossal responsibility for humanity, because they were irreplaceable fighters in the war against interplanetary threats. But once a villain named Thanos staged a genocide, in which only a third of the world’s population survived. The consequences were irreparable. But some heroes were able to resist everything that happened after.

The brave hero Tony Stark sacrificed his life to make the snap back and put everything back in place. Band leader Steve Rogers, nicknamed Captain America, chose a different life for himself. Instead of endless battles in a time that does not belong to him, he returned to where his heart has always been. He lived happily with his beloved Peggy.

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When the hour came, he handed over his shield and title to Sam Wilson, a hero called the Falcon. Thus responsibility was passed into the hands of the next generation, capable of protecting the planet from danger. Falcon takes a Winter Soldier named Bucky Barnes as his assistant. He used to be Steve Rogers’ best friend and everything remained the same.

Captain America’s shield

Bucky’s fate is not filled with joyful events. After the train crashed, he loses his memory and is found by the secret organization HYDRA, with which Captain America fought for many years. Having subdued Bucky’s mind to himself, the leader of HYDRA forces him to fight against a friend. At first Bucky doesn’t remember Steve, but then realizes that he is fighting for the wrong people and goes over to Rogers’ side.

The hand he lost turns into bionic. But when Bucky meets Wakanda and its inhabitants, he is helped to improve the limb by adding vibranium there. In the TV series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” it will become known about the events after the death of Tony Stark and the new threats that appeared after clicking the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Actors and their roles

  • Bucky Barnes – character nicknamed Winter Soldier; disappeared after Thanos Snap and reappeared after Hulk snap; has a bionic arm enriched with vibranium, a unique material that has no analogues; helps the Falcon to destroy enemies; best friend of Steve Rogers, whom he defended throughout his childhood – Sebastian Stan.
  • Sam Wilson – character nicknamed the Falcon; can fly; received a shield from Captain America as a symbol of his taking on the title of Steve; Falcon is smart, tries to protect humanity and always remains on the side of good; cooperates with the Avengers, but does not always appear in their ranks; participated in the battle with Thanos and lost many comrades – Anthony Mackie.

Interesting Facts

  1. Initially, it was planned to appear on the TV series of T’Challa, the leader of Wakanda, but in 2020 the actor died of cancer, and the script had to be urgently changed so as not to change the lineup. Sadly, Chadwick Boseman only lived for 43 years. The actor never mentioned in interviews about feeling unwell or the slightest health problems. He died in August 2020 at home in Los Angeles with his family.
  2. Sebastian Stan is Romanian national who moved to America only after 10 years. In his appearance, he does not look like a purebred American, although the actor himself claims that he does not remember anything about life in his native Romanian city – Constanta. When the actor was 2 years old, his mother filed for divorce and temporarily moved with the baby to Vienna, where she remarried.
  3. Representatives of the Marvel company know how to surprise their audience. What can we say about the deaths of the two main characters – Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark, in the final battle with Thanos. The creators plan to launch new mini-series with the heroes of the films and talk about their life after snap, the loss of loved ones and the consequences of Thanos’ genocide.
  4. While filming the show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, Anthony Mackie starred in another gorgeous project – “Altered Carbon“, which delighted fans of fantasy worlds and spy conspiracies. There Mackie played the main character who fought against his enemies for many years, changed his guises and was looking for his beloved, who gave him a meaning to live.
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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