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Thanks to teamwork and overwhelming efforts, Alex Hoffman was able to build the world’s largest artificial intelligence empire. One day he meets an old man in his own house from a book written a hundred years ago by the brilliant scientist Charles Darwin. He understands that the program he created turned against him…

“The Fear Index ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fantastic thriller “The Fear Index” has not been officially announced and there are no announcements about the production of new episodes yet. The first season showed average ratings, which may affect the decision of the creators of the project to renew it for the season 2. We continue to monitor the news and will update the information as soon as something becomes known.


A successful marriage, a beautiful house in Geneva, even Alex Hoffman’s career continued to take off. All he dreamed of was to have one of the books of the greatest scientist Darwin, who studied human behavior more than 100 years ago. It contained such interesting information about experiments on people that Hoffman accepted it with great pleasure as a gift.

At first, Alex thought that his wife had arranged such a surprise for him, but she did not know how the book ended up in their house. Apart from his wife and his partner Hugo Quarry, no one knew that Hoffman wanted to get his hands on this book. Extremely surprised, Alex calls the book publisher and finds out that he ordered it himself by e-mail. It was the first incomprehensible event.

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The second “surprise” was a meeting with an unknown person — the old man took off his shoes before entering the house. At the same time, he knew the password to the front door, and his haggard face resembled a photo from Darwin’s book. On it, the man’s face was twisted with horror, but even now, walking around Alex’s house with a knife, he looked just as terrible.

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The police, who arrived in time, concluded that Hoffman was imagining this against the background of fatigue. All evidence points to Alex developing dementia. He becomes shy, does not remember what instructions he gives to his subordinates, but all the events he does not remember occur only via the Internet.

At first, Alex concludes that he is really sick. But very soon there is evidence that the artificial intelligence, which he himself recently launched into action, began to work, develop and decided to get rid of Hoffman. The created program is able to analyze behavioral factors, is based on the call of fear, which is why Alex is so scared.

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By the time Hoffman finds out who his enemy is, it’s already too late. People around are sure that the man is sick. Instead of helping, they do the most unnecessary service for him. Now only he himself can understand how to outwit the program he created, but for this he will have to resort to harsh measures that can shake his financial situation…

Actors and their roles

  • Alex Hoffman — the famous genius who created a huge corporation; successfully presented a new program that could bring him billions; lives with his wife in a luxurious house, dreams of a child; became a victim of his invention; faces a difficult choice when he realizes the need to remove the program — Josh Hartnett.
  • Hugo Quarry — Alex’s close friend and co-founder of the corporation; has business acumen; able to arrange negotiations, establish contacts — Arsher Ali.
  • Jean-Philippe Leclerc — the police officer who got the case of the attempt on Hoffman; inquires about the cost of a house and asks inappropriate questions, appearing in the wrong place and at the wrong time — Grégory Montel.
  • Gabby — Alex’s wife; kind, intelligent, non-conflict woman; the day before the old man’s night visit, she prepared an exhibition and the next day she wanted to cancel it, since her husband’s health is more important to her — Leila Farzad.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The fear index is a real-life concept that implies investors’ uncertainty about either price levels or market movements. The higher its value, the less investor confidence.
  2. David Caffrey, who successfully completed the TV project “Peaky Blinders“, decided to switch to TV series about new technologies. His most successful works are “Whitstable Pearl”, “Line of Duty”, “Love/Hate”.
  3. The most popular films featuring Josh Hartnett are “Lucky Number Slevin”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Whiplash”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Wrath of Man” and others. Before filming the season 1 of the TV series “The Fear Index” the actor had a third child with British actress Tamsin Egerton.
  4. In 2022, the TV show was nominated for 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Actor in a TV series or Movie.

The Fear Index Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced

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