The Flash season 5

The Flash season 5

This is a superhero story the first season, which was released on screens in 2014. The main character is Barry Allen, who always dreamed of becoming a superhero.

Release date tv series The Flash season 5 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October, 2018.

Will there be a “Flash” season 5? It is only known that work on the scenario of the fifth season is in full swing. But the creators themselves have not yet begun to shoot.

The actors who played the main roles of the series confirmed their participation in the continuation of the project and promised the audience that this time they will take into account all the shortcomings in order to present a worthy and interesting continuation of the history of the superhero.

What will be shown in the continuation

At 11 years old boy, under mysterious circumstances, his mother dies, and he understands that supernatural forces still exist not only in comic books.

The Flash season 5
The Flash

Later, the guy had the opportunity to gain strength, many times superior to human, thanks to an unexpected lightning strike during the explosion of the particle accelerator in the laboratory. This series was expected by almost all fans of the comics and the crammed Marvel.

He was placed with great hopes by the audience and by the creators themselves. In general, the project turned out to be quite good, although the first season did not give viewers what they expected initially. As for the second and third season, they were more successful and received more positive feedback.

Interesting Facts

Many viewers say that they are not fans of superhero themes, nevertheless it was this series that pleased them. It is characterized by unusual dynamics and fantastic, but at the same time, ease and uncomplicated.

He is not overburdened with some complicated plot interlaces and an abundance of characters that are difficult to perceive. In addition, there are a few very personal and touching moments that can hurt the feelings of even the most harsh spectators.

The Flash season 5
The Flash

Of course, there are some disadvantages here. So, for example, a series of plot turns causes not only questions, but also frank perplexity. In some places the plot is rather banal and rather even reminiscent of old superhero cartoons than modern serials.

Fans of Flash note that there’s nothing to criticize the show. In their opinion, it is completely shot on a series of comics, and all inconsistencies, banalities and discrepancies are miscalculations of the authors, but not writers.

This position is not entirely understandable, since the viewer still evaluates the series, and not its original source. If there really were any discrepancies in the latter, this should have been corrected by the writers, rather than letting the story go by itself.

The Flash season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1October, 2019
5x02Series 2October, 2019
5x03Series 3October, 2019
5x04Series 4October, 2019
5x05Series 5October, 2019
5x06Series 6October, 2019
5x07Series 7October, 2019
5x08Series 8October, 2019
5x09Series 9October, 2019
5x10Series 10October, 2019

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