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As a child, Barry Allen witnessed an unexplained phenomenon, the consequences of which led to the death of his mother, Nora. Now he is a successful criminologist and is in good standing with his superiors. One day, a flash of lightning occurs in the city, after which Barry is in a coma. After 9 months, he woke up and discovered that he had superpowers.

“The Flash ss 8”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the fantastic TV show “The Flash” is set for November 16, 2021. The filming process began in February 2021, work was carried out on a tight schedule, which made it possible to release Season 8 ahead of schedule.


All his life, Barry Allen has lived with an all-consuming desire to solve the crime related to his mother. After lightning flashed all over the house, and his mother was on her knees unable to move, the boy accidentally moved to the roadway. He later found out that his mother was dead, and Barry’s father was accused of this.

Injustice revived in the boy a desire to do criminalistics. Throughout his life, he was helped by his friend Iris, with whom he at first was unrequitedly in love. Her father Joe West worked as a police detective and often covered up the guy’s tardiness. An experienced view of things and a desire to do his job well allowed Allen to win the respect of his colleagues.

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The search for his mother’s killer leads him to the wealthy scientist Harrison Wells, who was interviewed on the eve of the lightning flash. Not having time to find out anything, Barry goes home and already there he becomes a witness of a large-scale event – electricity is turned off throughout the city, and lightning hits him. In the ambulance, everyone is surprised how he managed to stay alive…

Frame from the TV show

And only Wells knows the answer to the question. For 9 months, while Barry was in a coma, Harrison transfers him to a private laboratory, where workers conduct experiments on him. After waking up, Barry leaves, but very soon returns, because except for Wells, no one will help him deal with his new abilities.

Allen has discovered the ability to super speed, increased regeneration and realized that this must be studied. For a long time he helped Harrison, but when he realized that it was the scientist who was Nora’s killer, he took the other side.

In season 7, in addition to super speed, Barry gains the ability to think super fast. This helps him find answers to many questions, but does not allow him to solve all problems. In Season 8, Harrison Wells’ various personalities will continue to plague Barry, but he will have to learn to dominate them. Will there be a bright streak in the Flash’s life? Will he find his happiness? When will the invasion of Earth end?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Barry Allen / The Flash – forensic scientist; gained superpowers after being struck by lightning, after which he took the nickname the Flash; then he met Wells; trying to prove the innocence of his father, who spent many years in prison for an uncommitted murder – Grant Gustin.
  • Caitlin Snow – Wells’ Company employee; during the launch of the particle accelerator, she lost her fiancé, as well as the opportunity to build a further career in the laboratory; due to negative events, she took the side of evil and received the nickname Killer Frost – Danielle Panabaker.
  • Harrison Wells – is several characters at once, as he wanders between universes; in season 1, after the explosion of the particle accelerator, pretended to be disabled, because it was beneficial to him – Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher.
  • Joe West – Iris’s father; police detective; arrested Barry’s father, but when he found out all the details, he received custody of the boy, strongly supporting his desire to get his father out of prison – Jesse L. Martin.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The coronavirus greatly influenced the plans of the film crew. In order to continue working in a safe environment and at the same time not violate the deadlines, season 6 was released in 5 episodes in short – actor Grant Gustin was the first to report this in a TV interview. In March 2021, Season 7 was released, consisting of the usual 23 episodes.
  2. The Flash’s suit color scheme consists of “burgundy red”, a golden hue and was designed by Colleen Atwood, who is responsible for the costume of another character in the DC Universe – Arrow. These colors allowed animators to more successfully overlay computer graphics and smooth out errors.
  3. Most of the epic action scenes are done on a huge chroma key. When leaving for Vancouver, the cameraman only removes the atmosphere and only then a previously filmed scene is superimposed on it. Rarely do the actors have to travel with the film crew to specific locations.

The Flash Season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1November 16, 2021
8x02Series 2November 23, 2021
8x03Series 3November 30, 2021
8x04Series 4December 7, 2021
8x05Series 5December 14, 2021
8x06Series 6December 21, 2021
8x07Series 7December 28, 2021
8x08Series 8January 4, 2022
8x09Series 9January 11, 2022
8x10Series 10January 18, 2022

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