The Flight Attendant Season 2


The peaceful life of Cassie ends the moment she decides to have an affair on a plane flying to Bangkok. Alex Sokolov immediately conquers a woman with his appearance, and more Cassie is not needed. After all, she never starts a long relationship and prefers a riotous lifestyle. But her innocent meeting with Sokolov after landing becomes fatal…

“The Flight Attendant ss 2”: release date, announcement

The dramatic thriller “The Flight Attendant” will appear on the screens – with such information the audience was delighted by the executive producer of the TV show Greg Berlanti. The premiere of season 2 is scheduled for April 21, 2022.
The audience liked the first season so much that the creators of the show thought about its continuation. The main thing is that they don’t change their minds!


Cassie Bowden has a great life. At least in her own eyes. The girl works as a flight attendant, makes new acquaintances in every city, after a stormy night goes on another flight and rebuilds relationships with someone on the other side of the world. Colleagues cannot imagine Cassie’s life without alcohol and parties, and they themselves are more restrained in their impulses.

The next flight, which Cassie was practically late for, brought new changes to her life. Alex Sokolov, a business class client whom she served during the flight, invited her to meet. After lying to her colleagues that she would not call him, Cassie did the opposite. In the end, everything ended as usual – a lot of alcohol, a one-off relationship, and in the morning… she wakes up with the corpse of Alex!

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Frightened by the doomsday in Bangkok, where, according to the law, Cassie herself would be deprived of her life, she tries to remove her tracks from the room, but to no avail. Bowden decides to live a normal life, but fear for her future, increased attention from the FBI and an unknown female stalker very upset Cassie’s psyche. Alex begins to follow the girl, he talks to her in her head.

Frame from the TV show

Cassie realizes how many flaws in her plan, and she considers the only correct decision to tell the FBI the whole truth. But there is still a woman who is trying to kill the girl. Bowden desperately tries to remember the details of the evening with Alex. Unfortunately, alcohol does not allow her to remember all the details and only occasionally new fragments emerge in her memory.

Cassie will have to overcome not only an unknown villain, but also solve family problems that have lodged in her head. The brother is always looking for a meeting with Cassie, but in the end he realizes that it is not safe to let her near his own children. And Cassie herself no longer knows what she is capable of, because what the girl gradually remembers suddenly starts working against her.

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Actors and their roles

  • Cassie Bowden – a flight attendant with a reputation as an avid party girl; never starts a serious relationship, because she does not see the point in this; after the flight, Cassie decides to meet with the passenger, but ends up being embroiled in a terrible story with his murder; becomes the first suspect, leaving behind a lot of evidence in the room of the killed – Kaley Cuoco.
  • Alex Sokolov – had an affair with Cassie, invited her to walk around Bangkok, later they got drunk and went to his room, in the morning Cassie woke up next to his corpse, whose throat was cut; later Cassie begins to see the Falcons with a cut neck or in a normal form, it all depends on the imagination of the girl – Michiel Huisman.
  • Miranda – was with Alex and Cassie in a restaurant the evening before Sokolov’s murder; later tries to find the girl to avenge Alex’s death – Michelle Gomez.

Interesting Facts

  1. Kaley Cuoco, in addition to playing the leading role perfectly, also acted as the creator of the show, deciding to embody the book of the same name written by Chris Bohjalian. The girl was inspired after reading, and then gathered a team of like-minded people who helped to film the project and make it accessible to all viewers.
  2. The TV show was scheduled to air in March 2020, but work has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. And Cuoco, as an experienced leader, froze the project, providing her subordinates with weekly payments at the expense of the US government, which covers such expenses. As a result, Season 1 came out only in November 2020, and has already managed to make a lot of noise. After all, the story of the flight attendant did not leave anyone indifferent.
  3. Michelle Gomez’s appearance is indeed very formidable. When the show’s creators were looking for the villainess to play Miranda, the casting director canceled all auditions after Michelle arrived. The woman herself is well aware of her dignity, which she uses in her acting career. For example, in the TV series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” she played the villainess Madam Satan.
  4. On the set of the show, there were rumors that Kaley had an affair with colleague Michiel Huisman. Sometimes they left together after a day of shooting. Everyone was waiting for the reaction of Kaley’s husband, who periodically visited the set. It was only at the end of Season 1 that everyone knew that Michiel and Kaley’s husband were best friends.
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The Flight Attendant Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1April 21, 2022
2x02Series 2April 21, 2022
2x03Series 3April 28, 2022
2x04Series 4April 28, 2022
2x05Series 5May 5, 2022
2x06Series 6May 12, 2022
2x07Series 7May 19, 2022
2x08Series 8May 26, 2022

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