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Christine Reade had a hard time coping with work and studies, because it is not so easy for a student to make a living and still be in time for classes. Everything is changed by her friend Avery, who at the right time introduced Christine to a businessman looking for an escort. A calm, penniless life changes to a rich, but too dangerous…
Season 3 premiered on May 2, 2021.

“The Girlfriend Experience ss 4”: release date, announcement

Although the TV show has found its appreciative audience, the sequel to the drama “The Girlfriend Experience” has yet to be announced. However, the fact that viewers saw season 3 after a huge hiatus (and the first two seasons were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively) was a big pleasant surprise for everyone. Maybe Season 4 is just around the corner?

The show “The Girlfriend Experience” is based on the film of the same name, in which the main role went to the porn star Sasha Gray.


New York. A hard student life led Christine to work as an escort. During the day she interns at the prestigious law firm “Kirkland & Allen”, and at night she meets with a wealthy client whom Mrs. Avery has picked up for her. So Reade got money for a comfortable existence. But soon she learns what she should not know.

There are various difficulties on the way of a 20-year-old student. Clients are whimsical people and what one likes can infuriate another. Very quickly Christine understands how to behave in order for the client to be satisfied. And at the same time, the girl accidentally reveals the shameful truth defaming the honor of “Kirkland & Allen”.

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In Season 2, other people become the protagonists. The action takes place in Washington, where Erica, as the Treasurer of the Republican Party, has sexual relations with Anna, for whom this kind of relationship is not the first time. Thanks to this, the girls begin to blackmail businessmen, but this turns into real madness.

Frame from the TV show

The second part of season 2 takes the viewer to New Mexico. Thanks to the witness protection program, Bria, the ex-wife of the perpetrator, lives the rest of her life under a false name. Deciding to change circumstances, she goes to the escort. For Bria, this is not the first experience of sex for money, so it is not difficult for her to make a positive decision.

Season 3 follows Iris, a neuroscientist from London. Obsessed with her work, she does not notice how she plunges into the very epicenter of gloomy events. Clients for her are not only physical contact, but also a way to collect behavioral data that will be useful for her future research. But in the end, everything turns out to be much more complicated than the naive girl assumed.

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Since there is no news about Season 4 yet, it is difficult to predict the storylines. It can be a unique story about new characters. But what will the TV show’s management decide?

Actors and their roles

  • Christine Reed — a law student and intern at Kirkland & Allen; thanks to her friend, she discovers the world of high-end escort, and plunges into it under the name Chelsea Rain, but does not suspect how many dark secrets await her, including about the company where she works — Riley Keough.
  • Bria Jones — after living with a world-class criminal, used a witness protection program and was sent away under the name Sarah Day; very soon she decides to go to the escort again, but unforeseen difficulties arise — Carmen Ejogo.
  • Iris Stanton — a successful neuroscientist who studies the human brain and human behavior; decides to become an escort because she wants to use clients for scientific purposes — Julia Goldani Telles.

Interesting Facts

  1. Riley Keough admits that she would love to star in the second season of the TV show, but each new season is the story of a separate girl. Riley also says that she was happy to play the role of Christine Reade, because the actress has never had such characters.
  2. Since 2017, Carmen Ejogo has starred in only 5 films. It is noteworthy that they all achieved world fame. Among them: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by Joanne Rowling, “Alien: Covenant” directed by Ridley Scott, the TV series “True Detective” and the movie “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle” starring Robert Downey Jr.
  3. Director of the first 2 seasons Amy Seimetz was invited to the project after her successful work on the TV show “Stranger Things”. After that, she worked on the film “Alien: Covenant”, on the set of which she met Carmen Ejogo. It was Seimetz who advised the management of the TV project “The Girlfriend Experience” to consider Carmen’s candidacy as the main character of season 2.
  4. According to rumors, in 2015, when the casting for the role of Christine Reade was in progress, Julia Goldani Telles auditioned, but eventually gave way to Riley Keough. Then, before filming season 3, Julia decided to try her luck again. Fortunately, she was remembered and appreciated the efforts at the auditions — a week later, the manager called her and said that she was the main face of the new season.
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The Girlfriend Experience Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Episode 1not announced
4x02Episode 2not announced
4x03Episode 3not announced
4x04Episode 4not announced
4x05Episode 5not announced
4x06Episode 6not announced
4x07Episode 7not announced
4x08Episode 8not announced
4x09Episode 9not announced
4x10Episode 10not announced

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