The Golden Compass 2

The first part of the adventure film was released in 2007. Despite the fact that the lead roles were Nicole Kidman and Eva Green, the film shamefully failed at the box office. The production of the painting was spent more than 180 million dollars, and the total collection amounted to about 70 million.

Will the “Golden Compass 2” be released?

In the first part, the story was not told to the end and the creators originally planned to shoot the sequel. However, given that the picture did not bring the expected fees, the studio simply went bankrupt.

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In 2010, the press leaked information that the preparations for the shootings are still going on, that the script is already finished, and the actors are ready to start filming (all except Dakota Blue Richards, she had already outgrown her heroine by that time). However, these versions have not been officially confirmed by anyone, and the shooting has not begun. In 2013, there were rumors of the upcoming shootings, but it was just fan speculation, as neither the directors nor the writers were talking about the continuation of the “Golden Compass”.

The Golden Compass 2

Fans of the book still hope that the continuation of the film will take the studio Warner Brothers, and the world will finally see the completion of an unusual and exciting fantasy story. According to unconfirmed data, this possibility is considered by the owners of the studio, but nobody is in a hurry to start work on the project.

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What is the movie about

The story tells of a twelve-year-old girl who travels in a different world, radically different from ours. It mixes technology and magic. The main heroine has to face different kinds of difficulties and fight against villains who are much stronger and more powerful than her. With the help of friends, the girl finds a way to free abducted children and defeat the forces of evil.

At first glance, the story seems rather banal and somewhat reminiscent of the famous Harry Potter. However, this film has a completely different atmosphere. The picture was originally intended for children’s audiences, but the older generation also liked it, and they gladly left enthusiastic reviews after watching.

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The Golden Compass 2

The film boasts great special effects, excellent acting and good music. The “Golden Compass” is not only an amazing and fascinating story, it is also a beautiful film that is simply nice to watch.

Interesting fact

The picture was taken from the book, and readers were extremely unhappy with the way the story was originally presented in the film. The fact is that there is no explanation for what and where it comes from, what character it came from, what its goals are and how they are all interconnected. In the book, these moments are spelled out quite clearly and leave no questions.

The Golden Compass 2 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
The Golden CompassPart 2Unknown

The Golden Compass 2 Trailer

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