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Aaron Glassman rarely spoke positively about doctors. But when the rest of the doctors heard from him about a guy with autism who dreamed of becoming a doctor, some did not even take it seriously. And Glassman was really serious when he decided to hire Shaun Murphy, an autistic with a gift known as Savant syndrome.

“The Good Doctor ss 5”: release date, announcement

When the season 4 of “The Good Doctor” appeared in November 2020, some viewers were surprised – it was about a real coronavirus pandemic, from which people are still dying. Having chained to the screens even more of the world’s population, the creators decided that the continuation of the series could be released in the fall of 2021. According to the latest data, the premiere of new episodes is scheduled for release on September 27, 2021.


Shaun’s childhood was terrible. He was constantly the target of bullying by his father. The grown man did not even realize that the boy was sick. Autistic from birth, Shaun was withdrawn, and his only friend was his brother, who got even more, because he always protected Shaun from the tyranny of their father.

There was a time when the brother took Shaun and left home with him. The boys decided to live separately from their parent, but did not imagine how difficult it would be. Back at home, Shaun witnessed the death of a rabbit after being thrown into a wall by an enraged father. After a short time, the rabbit died on the veterinary table. Taking pity on the unfortunate animal, the boy decided to devote more time to medicine. But the incident with his brother made him convinced of his decision.

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While spending time with his brother, Shaun witnessed him fall from a height. The incident was fatal and left an indelible mark on the child’s heart. Life was terrible – so it seemed to him. But having matured, Shaun decided to find his own way and take advantage of the acquaintance with Aaron Glassman, with whom the guy had known since the time when he and Aaron lived in the same city.

Frame from the TV show

Glassman is now running the clinic and is pushing for Murphy to be hired on the team. The guy fought for this chance for so long that he made every effort to build his career in medicine. He meets talented doctors who doubt his professional suitability for a short time. Shaun understands things that even the most experienced doctors do not understand.

It wasn’t until Season 3 that Shaun managed to be allowed to operate on a patient on his own, although since Season 1 he’s been listed in the hospital as a surgeon. He managed to establish a romantic relationship, which was slightly spoiled by Shaun’s lack of understanding of the basics of socialization in society. He could hardly understand how people find contact with each other and can communicate as friends.

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Season 4 talked about the coronavirus and the challenges Murphy faced in persuading his patients to trust him. The beloved finally sided with him, but this does not mean that Shaun’s personal life is fully adjusted. What will be revealed in Season 5? After all, there were all the prerequisites for the guy to be placed in a higher position.

Actors and their roles

  • Shaun Murphy – obsessed with the idea of ​​healing people; ended up in a prestigious hospital, where for a long time he sought permission to carry out the most complex operations; in love with a colleague, although sometimes he does stupid things that interfere with their relationship; has Savant syndrome, which is so common among autistic people – Freddie Highmore.
  • Claire – young doctor, colleague of Shaun; easily starts relationships with men and just as easily leaves them; blames the mother for not being able to raise her normally due to alcoholism and bipolar disorder, which adversely affected the lives of both of them – Antonia Thomas.
  • Morgan Reznick – brought up in a family of creative people; a little selfish lady, whose impulses sometimes remain incomprehensible to colleagues; ready to take any risk to prove to others her superiority in medicine; in fact, few people know how strong of spirit she is; periodically suffers alone due to a misunderstanding of colleagues – Fiona Gubelmann.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The idea was taken from the TV series of the same name, released in Korea in 2013. Having decided to make their own version, the Americans copied the plot and presented it as their own. Until now, the Korean version continues to be broadcast, but it is the American counterpart that is very popular.
  2. The first season was watched by about 15 million viewers, the second one had more modest indicators – 12.5 million. When season 3 came out and only two-thirds of the viewers remained on the screens since the launch of the TV project, the creators decided to make season 4 unforgettable. This is how stories about coronavirus patients appeared, while these episodes have the highest ratings – 26 million viewers.
  3. Freddie Highmore spent a lot of time preparing to play autistic. He had to spend a long time with such a person in order to get used to the role, understand his habits and adopt them. As a result, his performance was noted by critics as the perfect combination of all the character’s diagnoses. Highmore was able to surprise audiences with impeccable ease.

The Good Doctor Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1September 27, 2021
5x02Series 2October 4, 2021
5x03Series 3October 11, 2021
5x04Series 4October 18, 2021
5x05Series 5October 25, 2021
5x06Series 6November 1, 2021
5x07Series 7November 8, 2021
5x08Series 8November 15, 2021
5x09Series 9November 22, 2021
5x10Series 10November 29, 2021

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