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For many years, the servants of the self-proclaimed Republic of Gilead have been trying to find freedom, but the current realities are such that they have to serve the families of the commanders and give birth to children for them. Women are deprived of their limbs for small offenses, and those who are not able to give birth to a child are sent to toxic production, from where it is difficult to return alive… Only June is ready to challenge the system and free the unfortunate women…

“The Handmaid’s Tale ss 6”: release date, announcement

The audience is again waiting for the continuation of the dystopia “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which was officially confirmed in September 2022. Unfortunately, the 6th season of the picture will be the final one. It’s too early to talk about the exact release dates for the new episodes. But there is an opinion of film critics who say that with a high degree of probability the new season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will be released in the fall of 2023.

Recall that the TV show is based on the book of the same name, written by the famous novelist Margaret Atwood. 


Alternating with terrifying events in the present, the plot captures the past of an ordinary, at first glance, a woman named June. She lived quietly with her husband and daughter. But the situation in the world was changing — women stopped giving birth, and only a few managed to know the happiness of being a mother.

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The regime of power changed — in place of the United States a new state was formed, where the commanders-in-chief ruled. Each of them had a wife. Usually she could not give birth to children, so a special center was created where women capable of childbearing were trained to be servants in the house of their masters. June failed to escape — her husband was killed, and her daughter was taken away. The woman herself was sent to study as a servant, and later taken to the house of the commander in chief, Fred Waterford.

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The maids were distinguished by new names. June was now Offred. She could not have her own opinion, she was obliged to provide intimate services to her boss in front of his wife Serena. There was only one goal — the birth of an heir, who would then be taken from June and given to Serena to be raised. Any wrongdoing could result in serious injury.

Frame from the TV show

One of Offred’s friends was deprived of an eye — similar punishments awaited others. The maids were not put in anything, forcing them to work around the house, go for groceries and be silent when others inquired about the secrets of their home. But June could not come to terms with the loss of her daughter. No matter what happened, she kept looking for her. And finally found…

But by that time, Offred had another child in her arms. With great difficulty in the season 4, she managed to return to normal life and even try herself as an exemplary mother. But the desire to take revenge on everyone who bullied her for years did not fade away in her soul. And so, when it seemed to everyone that everything was fine, June decides to return to the lair of enemies again…

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The relationship between Fred and Serena has long since collapsed, but common goals will give them the strength to reunite. June is no longer the helpless woman who showed up at the maid school and couldn’t fight back. Now she faces the main war — the struggle against the system that ruined the lives of women like her…

Actors and their roles

  • June Osborne — lived with her husband and daughter before serving the Waterfords, hiding from power and trying to win back freedom; was terribly frightened by the atrocities that were happening in the school of maids, after which she went to work, bear children for Serena and Fred; was able to find companions and organize a departure from Gilead — Elisabeth Moss.
  • Nick — June’s lover, driver of Fred Waterford; in a world where denunciations flourished, he was able to hide June’s secret from the rest, which allowed her to find reliable supporters — Max Minghella.
  • Serena — an influential lady who for a long time resisted the antics of the maids; considered herself the only one right until the moment when her finger was cut off for reading lines from the Bible; helped June find her daughter, but still remained on the side of the Gilead regime, since it was more convenient for her to live this way — Yvonne Strahovski.
  • Fred Waterford — cannot have children, but faith does not allow him to admit it; tells others about the barrenness of the maid; cruel, embittered, June often resorts to violence when his wife does not see this, although such relationships are prohibited in Gilead — Joseph Fiennes.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Project creator Bruce Miller decided to focus on collaboration with Hulu and MGM. They are currently working on the production of a sequel based on Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments”, released in 2019. The book turned out to be no less replicated than the previous novel, and the film rights were bought out a month after its release.
  2. Elisabeth Moss has been the executive producer of the TV show since Season 2. Before that, she only played the main role. It is known that she will take part in the sequel, but it remains unclear as to who.
  3. Yvonne Strahovski practically did not participate in the filming of the season 5, as she was preparing for the birth of her second child. For the sake of the actress, the plot had to be changed a little, since it was no longer possible to hide a big belly. Thus, Serena was made pregnant in the story.

The Handmaid's Tale Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 12023
6x02Series 22023
6x03Series 32023
6x04Series 42023
6x05Series 52023
6x06Series 62023
6x07Series 72023
6x08Series 82023
6x09Series 92023
6x10Series 102023

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