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Adult animated anthology film “The House” tells about a house that lives its own life, regardless of the wishes of the owners. They obey him, because the house changes the will and consciousness of the residents. But there are daredevils who are able to own it and at the same time not lose their minds. Or maybe they are already out of their minds, since they decided to live in such a place?..

“The House ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the animated film “The House” is currently not announced, although it was able to reach the hearts of the audience. There is no official confirmation of the creation of new episodes, although it was previously reported that producers Charlotte Bavasso and Christopher O’Reilly intended to create at least 3 seasons. We continue to follow the news.


Raymond and his family are very poor. When relatives arrive, a man is ashamed of his home, but there’s nothing to be done — the family has no money to buy a new house. Worried after the next unflattering statements of his aunt, Raymond gets drunk and goes into the forest. There, he meets a local artist-architect offering a deal.

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The Raymond family must move into a new, beautiful house, but promise never to return to the old one and not take the old things from there. Taking his wife and daughters, Raymond goes to a new place. Children immediately understand that something terrible is happening. The staircase changes direction, and then disappears altogether, the parents turn into furniture… The mother’s last words are addressed to her daughters. She begs to run before the house swallows them up. Thus ends the first story, in which the children are left orphans and the parents lose themselves in the space of the house.

Frame from the animated film

Another story is about a rat eager to sell his house. It turns out to be the same mansion from the first episode, only the times are completely different. Before selling, the rat notices the appearance of bugs. By the time new tenants arrive, there are more and more of them, but the deal is not broken. The owners want to quickly drive out the rat, leaving him no time to collect things.

The third episode also focuses on the house. An anthropomorphic cat has spent many years here and does not want to leave. Deciding to focus on renovations, she dreams of moving into tenants soon, one of which turns out to be an eccentric cat who imagines himself to be a shaman. As a result, the house becomes a ship and sets sail, which it always wanted…

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Main characters and voice actors

  • Raymond — experiencing financial difficulties affecting his loved ones; agrees to a dubious offer to relocate the family to a newly built building with all amenities; watches from afar the destruction of his former home, burns old furniture, gradually goes crazy, turning into an interior item — Matthew Goode.
  • Penelope — wife of Raymond; she was an excellent mother, but when she moves in, she begins to sew curtains on a typewriter and is constantly lost in time, as a result, together with her husband, she forgets about the children and turns into furniture; manages to tell her daughters to leave, fearing that a similar fate awaits them — Claudie Blakley.
  • Mabel — the eldest daughter of Raymond and Penelope; takes care of her sister, who at the time of the move became her constant companion; the first notices strange things going on in the rooms of the house; cannot get out of the upper floor because there is no ladder; hardly escapes with her sister so that the house does not swallow her consciousness — Mia Goth.
  • Developer — rat; tries to sell the house, but encounters countless bugs that do not disappear even after chemical treatment — Jarvis Cocker.
  • Cosmos — a positive-minded cat who wants to help the hostess with repairs instead of paying rent; after he broke the floor, he declared that the cat should live in harmony with itself, and not with the physical world; considers himself a shaman — Paul Kaye.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Helena Bonham Carter, Miranda Richardson and Jarvis Cocker previously worked together in the Harry Potter franchise, but have since only met for the first time when they voice characters in the animated anthology film “The House”. In early 2022, the documentary “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts” was released, in which they took part.
  2. It took at least 2 months for a detailed study of one episode, capturing all the stages of creation (from the script to the finished product).
  3. The picture is a joint project of the US and the UK, while the entire process of creating the animated series was based in London.
  4. Alexandra Walker was invited as an art director. She participated in the creation of such projects as “Frankenweenie”, “The Young Victoria”, “This Beautiful Fantastic”, “Incendiary” and, of course, several “Harry Potter” films, etc.

The House Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced

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