The Incredibles 3


The cartoon tells of the struggle of famous superheroes, whom the whole world adores. Saving the Earth from destruction, they must learn to work in a team and destroy the impending danger.

When will the cartoon “The Incredibles 3” come out?

Official confirmation that “The Incredibles” will have a sequel has not yet been reported. The director, as well as the actors, are ready to take on the new part of the cartoon. However, as of August 2022, there is still no information available. We continue to follow the news.

Full-length animated picture suited adults and children, and the first 2 parts were successfully launched at the box office. We look forward to continuing!


The most popular hero of the planet, Mr. Incredible, experienced different periods of his life. His real name is Bob Parr. Once he saved the night city from crimes and at the same time found his future wife Elasticu, whose real name is Helen.

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But later, the city’s population decided to sue the famous savior and the man had to do more tedious business. He got a job hated in an insurance company. At this time, Helen gave birth to him three children. All kids have individual superpowers.

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Boring weekdays were changed one after another. Secretly from the family, at night Bob listened to the police frequency, hoping to find the strength to take on the old. His only companion was Lucius, who has the ability to freeze liquid.

Frame from the cartoon

After resigning from work after an abuse with the director, Bob receives a message from an unknown girl and from this moment again takes up the old. Now it can not be stopped. After 2 months the spouse starts to guess about the dishonesty of her husband, but after a short time he himself tells everything. Now he needs the help of each member of his family, because the evil that is on the planet knows no boundaries.

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Actors of scoring

  • Bob, the head of the family in the afternoon and Mr. Incredible at night, an extraordinary man, whose life is filled with adventure – Craig T. Nelson.
  • Helen, Bob’s lover, mother of three, wise wife, super heroine Elastigirl – Holly Hunter.
  • Violetta, the eldest child of Helen and Bob, known as Violet, can become invisible and set protective fields – Sarah Vowell.
  • Dash, has the talent to develop super-speed – Spencer Fox.
  • Lucius, a friend of Bobba and his chief assistant in listening to police radio waves, is known in super circles as a Frozone – Samuel L. Jackson.

Interesting Facts

  1. Based on this animated series released 2 games. One of them became a whole part of the animation, and the second – the continuation of the adventures of the superfamily.
  2. The budget of the first two parts of the picture was 92 million dollars, and the box office fees exceeded this amount 9 times.
  3. The company “Pixar” was engaged in production. It was she who produced the cartoons “Monsters’ Corporation” and its sequel “Monster University”, which is also a prequel of the first part.
  4. For all of its existence, the “Incredibles” cartoon has received nominations of well-known awards more than 20 times. In 2004, he won the Academy Award in two categories: “Best full-length animated picture” and “Best sound editing”. In 2006, the cartoon was awarded the Grammy Award for the best soundtrack of the current year. This is one of the most popular animated pictures created in the 21st century.
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The Incredibles 3: release date

NameRelease date
The Incredibles 3not announced

Incredibles 2 – Funniest Moments

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