The Invisible Man 2


Restarting the original picture will tell the story of a talented scientist who worked on his invention for a long time and achieved what he wanted. He dreamed of creating a means that could make a person invisible. Noticing success, the researcher decided to test the invention on a man. As a guinea pig he chose himself, without realizing what consequences this would have. Once invisible, the scientist could not return to his former condition.

When will the movie “The Invisible Man 2” come out?

On the release date of the sequel has not yet been reported.

The plot of the movie

The crazy idea completely captured the consciousness of young Griffin. He was convinced that his future invention would completely change the life of mankind, give him personally the long-awaited popularity. Endless experiments gave a positive result. He began to notice the progress in the studies, after which he decided that it was possible to proceed to the next stage of the experiments.

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It was necessary to conduct research on a living person in order to achieve the desired. Jonathan could not make such a request to others. He decided to conduct a risky experiment on himself. He really managed to become invisible, the hero’s delight was boundless. However, the poor fellow expected an unpleasant surprise. It was not possible to become visible again. His invention did not have the opposite effect. He was a hostage of his own ambitions.

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What to expect from the movie “Invisible Man 2”?

Talk about the sequel is still very early, but fans are convinced that he will definitely. To fans practically it is not known about a plot and an actor’s structure of the first movie. It is known that this will be a remake of the original picture, with subsequent changes. The movie should enter the “Dark Universe” of Universal Studios, which tells of monsters like Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula and others.

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It is known that the main role in the movie “The Man of the Invisible” went to Johnny Depp. The famous actor will have to reincarnate as a Human Invisible. Obviously, in the movie will also appear Tom Cruise, playing the main role in the recently released “Mummy”. The picture still does not have an exit date, a full list of actors has not been announced.invisible-man-2

In the case of the success of the “Dark Universe”, there will necessarily be a sequel and subsequent pictures, with the participation of a man of invisibility. At the moment, the picture was left without a screenwriter. Ed Solomon refused to work on the project because of disagreements with the studio. Perhaps in the near future will announce the release date and show a small teaser trailer.

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Actors and roles

  • Johnny Depp – Dr. Griffin
  • Tom Cruise – Nick Morton
  • Russell Crowe – Dr. Jekyll
  • Sofia Boutella – Mummy, Princess Amanet

News and interesting facts

  1. The picture should become part of the “Dark Universe”. This will be the second movie in the universe after the “Mummy”, not counting the “Dracula” with Luc Evans, which the studio intends to restart.
  2. The main role in the project went to Johnny Depp.
  3. According to rumors, the movie should appear some characters from the “Mummy”, as well as the heroes of the subsequent paintings of the “Dark Universe”.
  4. At the moment, the picture was left without a screenwriter.

The Invisible Man 2 release date

Movie titleRelease date
The Invisible Man 2not announced

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