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19th century. London. Bea, Jessie, Spike and Billy have long lived on the street, even though they are barely out of their teens. Life did not spoil them: their parents died, there was not enough money for food, and recently Jessie began to be bothered by dreams that made everyone feel uncomfortable… And when Bea met John Watson, a ray of hope for a comfortable existence appeared. But at what cost?..

“The Irregulars ss 2”: release date, announcement

Eight episodes of season 1 turned viewers’ perception of those famous detectives from 221B, Baker Street. This caused a wave of emotions among viewers who want to see the continuation of the show “The Irregulars”. However, in May 2021, Netflix’s management officially announced the closure of the project. No comment followed.


Every next Jessie’s dream is a wave of horror. A few years ago, her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. With this disease, a person rushes between boundless happiness and depression. One day, wandering in a dream, a woman fell into the river and drowned. So Jessie and Bea were left orphans and ended up in a workhouse. Memories of this place are the worst.

The girls later met Spike and Billy. The guys began to live as four in an abandoned basement. They made money as they could: they stole, took part in clandestine battles, but when Jessie began to show signs of bipolar disorder, more money was needed – for treatment. They had to look for another way to earn money. At this moment, a certain John Watson appears.

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The man is too aware of Jessie’s abilities, her dreams and in general about Bea’s company. He offers them a job – to be his eyes and ears among the poor and wanderers. The offer seems tempting at first. The guys are looking for a girl to be interrogated for John. And after a short time, the crows attack the company and peck out the girl’s eyes.

Frame from the TV show

Bea understands that something more is involved, something that is beyond comprehension. Then another teenager named Leopold asked for the guys. In reality, the guy holds a high position, but due to leukemia, he is forced to constantly be at court. By deception, the guy travels through the streets of London, and seeing Bea’s audacity, he joins the guys as a companion.

Having successfully completed the first assignment from Watson, Bea realizes that Jessie’s dreams and her revealed ability to penetrate into someone else’s consciousness are the main reasons that John turned to them. By resorting to blackmail, Watson makes the guys carry out deadly tasks. For the sake of money, Bea is ready for many things. Even kill a creature that could threaten the lives of her friends…

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Actors and their roles

  • Bea – a girl of Asian appearance; lost her mother, to whom she often comes to the grave; takes tasks from Watson to earn money for food; a great fear was the murder of a man, but she did it to keep Billy alive – Thaddea Graham.
  • Jessie – sister of Bea; in love with Leo; often sees strange dreams and a man who constantly helps her to escape from monsters; grieving over the death of her mother; has an eccentric character; mad at the fact that Bea is taking care of her – Darci Shaw.
  • Leopold – in love with Bea; lives in a palace and is ashamed to tell his new friends about it; sneaks out onto the streets of London and takes part in every investigation – Harrison Osterfield.
  • Spike – the most chatty of the four teenagers; can trick out the information he needs from strangers; tries not to swear in a circle of loved ones and to reconcile other people; likes to talk about fictional people – McKell David.
  • Billy – made a living by fighting; hates the workhouse as much as Bea; considers Leopold a bad person; hates aristocrats and those who do not respect the poor – Jojo Macari.

Interesting Facts

  1. Anticipating the success of the TV show, a sequel was announced even before the release of Season 1. It was planned that in the new season there will be not 8, but 10 episodes, since the first episodes were “trial” – the producers were guided by them, when deciding on the duration of season 2. Executive producer Tom Bidwell expressed a desire to extend the project to 16 episodes, but then realized that there is simply not so much material. And in the March magazine Esquire, information was even printed that Liverpool was chosen as the location for season 2, where the entire film crew should go in the summer of 2021. However, Netflix unexpectedly closed the project for unknown reasons.
  2. None of the main cast members came to audition for the role, which they subsequently received. So, Jojo Macari dreamed of being Leo, and Harrison Osterfield came to audition to get the role of Billy. Thaddea Graham wanted to play Jesse, and Darci Shaw hoped to be the “center character” – Bea. Even the on-screen actors Watson and Sherlock auditioned for each other’s roles.
  3. Viewers thank Tom Bidwell and Sarah Simmonds for the non-standard storyline, whose tandem helped win the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Evil Watson and Sherlock, in whose interests poor teenagers work, amused the audience. Even Watson’s problems with his visions left a great resonance, giving viewers the opportunity to see their beloved doctor in a different format.
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The Irregulars Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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