The King: The Eternal Monarch Season 2

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Lee Gon had to grow up very quickly. As a child, he saw Lee Lim, his uncle, killing his father, breaking his stomach. Few can recover from such a spectacle, and so our hero still recalls the events of those days. But most importantly – he is trying to find a savior, who then helped to avoid Lee Gon’s death at the hands of an careless relative.

“The King: The Eternal Monarch ss 2”: release date, announcement

There is currently no official confirmation that we will see season 2. But it is known that the project is not closed. Now we can assume that the filming process of season 2 began in the summer of 2020, when the coronavirus ceased to spread in the Republic of Korea. Therefore, the continuation of the Korean serial TV show “The King: The Eternal Monarch” may be released, then no earlier than May 2021.


After Lee Lim killed his own brother, Lee Gon tried to defend the honor of the deceased. Clutching his sword, the boy did his best to defeat his uncle, but he did not succeed. Lee Lim decided to strangle Lee Gon, but at the last moment it is not known where the man in the cloak came from and did not let the child be killed. From the defender there was only a police card.

It turned out to be a charming Korean named Jung. Becoming king, Lee Gon tried to find a girl, but for 25 years suffered some setbacks. And then one day, traveling on his white horse, he finds himself in another reality, where he is the first to meet Jung. Without really explaining anything to the girl, Lee Gon runs into trouble.

For the first time, Jung sees this man and does not understand that she once saved him by being in another world. But between them, a spark immediately flares up and not one of them even tries to hide it. But not everyone is doing so well. For example, the surviving Lee Lim has long been hatching a revenge plan and is waiting for the opportunity to strike the king.

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Frame from the TV show

Lee Lim has supporters who for years believed that one day he would lead them into battle. They are so faithful that they are ready to give their lives only to serve the conceited bastard. Lee Lim is guided only by the envy of those whose blood is pure from birth. The man does not see his own capabilities, deciding that he was deprived of everything that he could possess.

Having met, Lee Lim and Lee Gon will begin their struggle in which there will be no place for either the police or ordinary people’s laws. Traveling between worlds, they will hunt each other until one of them loses his life. Lee Gon will never be able to forgive the killer of his father, because such a blow from his uncle is considered a betrayal of the crown…

Actors and their roles

  • Lee Gon – the young ruler of Korea, who witnessed the death of his father; became a ruler at an early age; successfully ruled the whole country – Lee Min-ho.
  • Jung – the policewoman who saved Lee Gon from dying when he was still small; Lee Gon found her by the police badge, which she accidentally dropped during the battle; in love with Lee Gon, who came to her in another world – Kim Go-eun.
  • Lee Lim – the evil uncle of Lee Gon; he envied his brother, because he was the true son of the king, in contrast to the bastard Lee Lim; has found a way to travel between worlds and is now trying to get to Lee Gon to avenge all that Lee Lim had to endure – Lee Jung-jin.
  • Noh Ok-nam – Lee Gon’s maid She dreams that he should get married soon and have an heir; hides spell cards throughout his room in the hope that they will magically help the king find his wife – Kim Young-ok.

Interesting Facts

  1. Lee Min-ho is considered the most popular Korean actor. And at the moment, the best plastic surgeons in Korea are in a fierce debate about the presence of operations on the face of the guy. In fact, Lee Min-ho was born that way – he has almost perfect symmetry, which introduces into a stupor surgeons who consider him the best work of natural art.
  2. The director of the project was Baek Sang-hoon, who works not only in Korea, but also periodically visits Hollywood. His most popular work was the TV show “Love in the Moonlight / Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit”, appreciated not only in the territory of his native country, but also abroad. He has been working since 2013 and has already managed to get hold of a millionth army of fans.
  3. Despite the fact that the Korean audience criticized the TV show, in other countries the series gained a huge number of fans. Foreign viewers very well received the show, demanding its continuation. Paradox.
  4. The show premiered on April 17, 2020. And it was the long-awaited premiere of the year. A huge amount of budget was spent on the project, the country’s most popular actors were invited, but the viewer did not appreciate the storyline and location of the shoot. Perhaps the director will correct his mistakes in season 2?

The King: The Eternal Monarch Season 2 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1May 2021
2x02Series 2May 2021
2x03Series 3May 2021
2x04Series 4May 2021
2x05Series 5May 2021
2x06Series 6May 2021
2x07Series 7May 2021
2x08Series 8May 2021
2x09Series 9May 2021
2x10Series 10May 2021

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