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2020, the post-apocalyptic world. A virus of unknown origin killed the entire planet, leaving only one person alive. A man named Phil, whose life was not interrupted, is happy, because the fate of mankind has not touched him. But over time, Phil realizes that he needs a human company.

When will “The Last Man on Earth Season 5” be released?

The continuation of the black comedy “The Last Man on Earth Season 5” viewers will not see. After all, the creators of the picture more than once talked about the completion of the project.

To the great regret of the fans, this is very similar to the truth.


Phil has only one day to understand – on the whole planet only he remains alive. Stupor does not last long. At first he is immensely happy, because now, more than ever, you can go unpunished with vandalism, as well as collect from the stores absolutely any goods.

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Staying in euphoria from the gift of fate in the face of complete freedom, he does not notice how the days pass. Over time, freedom ceases to bring pleasure, and Phil feels the need to communicate with a living person.

Quite by chance, he meets Carol and convinces them that they are the last survivors and must prepare for the settling of the Earth. The girl some time tried to impart Phil the rules of civilized society, but she could not.

Characters from the series “The Last Man on Earth”

A few days later, they meet another woman, who he really liked and their plans with Carol remained unfulfilled. The plot unfolds dashingly, and a little later Phil meets a group of people and joins them.

Over time, they learn that the survivors are much more than they thought. But not every one of them is a good person. Now they have one single goal – to try to restore the world that existed before the invasion of the virus. Will people be able to recreate their past reality, and what kind of adventures await heroes on their way to the goal?

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Actors and their roles

  • Phil – Will Forte. Awarded Emmy as a screenwriter. Actor career began in 1997. His best works include roles from the films “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Steal My Wife” and “Miss Trouble”.
  • Carol – Kristen Shaal. In 2005 she was considered one of the top 10 comedians in America. The most popular series with her participation was “Flying Concorde”, where she was shot from 2007 to 2009. The next important role played in the current series.
  • Todd – Mel Rodriguez. He was born in sunny Miami, but decided to become an actor and left his native land. The series “Old age is not joy” brought Mel a frenzied popularity, after which he was offered a role in the series “The Last Man on Earth”.

Interesting Facts

  1. In addition to the lead role, Will Forte is the creator of the series. The birthday of the actor and the character match up to the day.
  2. For the entire time of the series “The Last Man on Earth”, he was nominated 16 times for various film awards, 5 of which belong to the American television academy “Emmy”.
  3. The series is broadcast on the channel “20th Century Fox Television”. Each season contains 18 series, each of which lasts 22 minutes. The only exception is the first season where only 13 episodes were released.
  4. Given the number of post-apocalyptic thrillers coming out in recent years, the writers decided to make a post-apocalyptic comedy that will touch the hearts of the audience and not make them sad.
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The Last Man on Earth 5 Season release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1not announced
5x02Series 2not announced
5x03Series 3not announced
5x04Series 4not announced
5x05Series 5not announced
5x06Series 6not announced
5x07Series 7not announced
5x08Series 8not announced
5x09Series 9not announced
5x10Series 10not announced

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