The Last Tycoon season 2

The Last Tycoon season 2

The first season of the series was released in 2016 and was fairly well received by critics. In the picture we are talking about Hollywood in the thirties, where the young producer fights for power with the head of the film studio and part-time mentor.

Release date tv series The Last Tycoon season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – July 22, 2018.

Since the project was almost immediately successful, the creators began to think about the continuation and proceeded to develop a further scenario. Initially, the shooting was planned for 2017. However, no official information on this issue has been received so far.

What will be shown in the new series?

The picture is full of complex plot twists, intrigues, love, revenge, betrayal and, of course, an unforgettable Hollywood atmosphere.

The Last Tycoon season 2
The Last Tycoon season 2

The plot is built quite clearly and competently and, despite the abundance of characters, is easily perceived. Actors play at the highest level, which allows you to completely penetrate what is happening on the screen.

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As for minor heroes, they are also interesting to the viewer, as well as the main ones. Despite the abundance of drama and love lines, the picture looks decent and does not slide down to the level of an ordinary soap opera.

The basis for creating the series is the literary work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, which was written in 1940.

Interesting Facts

The main idea, which the author presents, and behind which the key character is chased, is that same American dream. In order to achieve the set goals, the heroes are forced not only to lie and betray. Often they even have to hide some facts of their biography and not be represented by those who they really are.

The Last Tycoon season 2
The Last Tycoon Interesting Facts

From the first series, the series is infinitely intriguing and does not let go of the viewer, and the viewing process itself is more like a good book. Each episode is inseparably linked with the previous one, nevertheless it contains in itself some definite individual history.

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Separately, it should be said about the scenery, makeup and director’s work. It was thanks to this that we managed to create a unique Hollywood atmosphere of the thirties. Danae picture is recommended for viewing to those who are fans of the tape “Great Getsby” and fans of the work of Fitzgerald.

The series almost from the moment of release there were fans. The audience notes that the actual shortcomings of the project is not available. Such a movie will be interesting to both the older generation and the youth.

The Last Tycoon season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 22, 2018
2x02Series 2July 22, 2018
2x03Series 3July 22, 2018
2x04Series 4July 22, 2018
2x05Series 5July 22, 2018
2x06Series 6July 22, 2018
2x07Series 7July 22, 2018
2x08Series 8July 22, 2018
2x09Series 9July 22, 2018
2x10Series 10July 22, 2018
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The Last Tycoon season 2 new Trailer

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