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Each of us has moments when it seems to us that we did something wrong with someone. We think about this and ask ourselves: “Was it possible to act differently? Maybe I did not have the patience and understanding? “It is this idea that carries a cartoon called “The Little Vampire”, released in October 2017. The idea of ​​tolerance. Pushing thereby the viewer to accept others as they are.

When will be released the second part?

As of December 2020, there is no information that the animated family movie “The Little Vampire part 2” will be released in 2020. The continuation of the film is not being produced.

The plot line of the cartoon “The Little Vampire”

Thirteen-year-old boy Tony, very passionate about the stories about vampires. This fact was the main reason for concern of his parents. But how great it was for him to meet a young representative of another race-a vampire named Rudolph! The boys quickly became friends and had their own reasons. Tony, kindly offered his new friend help in saving his clan, which in turn was going through hard times. The vampire hunter, breathing in his back and next on his heels, got too close!

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I would like to believe that the continuation of this little fantastic world will come true. I would like to see the new adventures of the two best friends, such unlike each other. Find out how the story of Tony and Anna ends …

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Review of the cartoon

In itself, the desire to show something to someone and deliver something is a good idea, however, not very easy to implement. It is very easy to cross the line of unobtrusiveness and transform it into something clearly expressed, not without some rudeness. This is what can be traced throughout the animated film “The Little Vampire”. the-little-vampire-2The spectator is persistently invited to accept another race, not devoid of power, as they are. Despite the fact that they are bloodsuckers and possess a spell. At the same time, they immediately show what happens to those who are not ready to follow such an idea. For example, a hunter who constantly had not sweet because of his beliefs. Or the hotel owners, who were afraid of vampires before they died. Their opinion was simply of no interest to anyone.

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However, this is not all the points that can cause questions to the viewer. Why was a very powerful race of bloodsuckers hiding from people who in the district, not counting the new guests, there were only four? How did they exist at all if they did not feed on blood? How did a huge plane fly with such and such small wings? Why did not anyone think of linking the hunter after he was cut down? How did Rudolph, at the beginning of the tape, put on his pants on the statue? Why did Tony’s parents, who had so vigorously denied the existence of vampires, so quickly accepted the fact of their existence, and their friendship? In general, this can continue for a very long time. In addition, the very cartoon “Little Vampire” lacks some connectivity, and an abundance of characters, unnecessarily dispels attention.

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However, despite all the above, the idea of ​​this tape was revealed more than worthy. The friendship of completely different personalities, beings living absolutely different lives, was real! What seemed impossible was embodied in reality. Adults, who are harder to change, took the inevitable and stepped into the future. This courage, revealed new opportunities, new ways and generated new connections. Perhaps, only this allows you to close your eyes to some awkward moments that cause relevant questions, and just enjoy the cartoon.

4 interesting facts about the cartoon “The Little Vampire”

  1. The painting is a joint creation of four countries at once: Britain, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.
  2. For the director, producer and cinematographer from Europe, Richard Klaus, this is the first work in the field of animation animation.
  3. The creation of the cartoon took slightly more than three months, which is an absolute record for animation.
  4. Jim Carter and Alice Kruej voice the same characters that were played in the same film Uli Edel 2000.

The Little Vampire 2 - release date

Movie titleRelease date
The Little Vampire 2not announced

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  1. Elijah Keith

    I would love to see Tony and Anna become a vampire couple instead of Tony and Rudy.

  2. Ashlyn

    I really hope that they make a part 2, and that Tony and Rudolph become a couple instead of Tony and Anna.

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