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From an early age, Robert Langdon was fond of mystical literature, including the works of Masons, who have preserved many mysteries to this day. One day an unknown person calls from the phone of his mentor Peter Solomon, whom Robert takes for a secretary. He invites Langdon to give an interesting lecture at the Washington Capitol. The guy agrees, but does not yet know what exactly….

“The Lost Symbol ss 2”: release date, announcement

There was no information about the continuation of the mysterious TV show “The Lost Symbol” for a long time. Only in January 2022, the creators of the project officially announced its closure. The reasons for this decision are unknown.

Recall that the TV show was filmed based on the events of the book of the same name, published on September 15, 2009 by Dan Brown.


Robert Langdon is a young, successful professor at Harvard University. Dozens of students come to his lectures, and he himself is fond of ancient symbols and secrets of Masons. After meeting a genius like Peter Solomon, Robert happily follows where his mentor shows him the way. The urgent call didn’t scare Langdon. On the contrary, this is what the eccentric Solomon usually did.

Peter Solomon lost his son three years ago. Having contacted Turkish smugglers, Zachary ended up in prison, from where he could not get out alive. There was no end to Peter’s grief, but he had to learn to live on. For this reason, Langdon did not ask personal questions over the phone — he only obeyed the instructions of the man he thought Solomon had sent.

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Traveling to Washington, Langdon makes his way to the Capitol, but instead of a crowd of people interested in his lecture, he sees a bloody hand with symbols in the middle of the hall. People are terrified, no one could have imagined that such a horror would happen here. But it is not this that scares the young mind of a scientist, but the hand that belongs to a living person. Apparently, it was cut off from Peter Solomon.

Frame from the TV show

Collecting his thoughts, Langdon tries to figure out what this message carries. Almost immediately there is a madman who came up with this quest — he calls himself Mal’akh. He longs to find the lost word, and only the smartest person can help him in this. While his plan is put into action, Peter is held captive with a bloody stump arm.

Langdon’s quest is joined by Peter’s daughter, Katherine. She has answers to some questions, but she is ready to share them only if Robert will devote her to all matters. Mal’akh demands to find two pyramids that are hidden somewhere under Washington. They will become the keys to the lost word that needs to be guessed. The adventure begins for the protagonists…

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How long will it take for the heroes to save Peter? Will they reveal all the secrets or will they never see Solomon alive again?

Actors and their roles

  • Robert Langdon — a young, educated, well-read teacher; at the first call of his mentor Peter is ready to rush to help; thanks to the accumulated knowledge, he easily moves forward in search of the lost symbol — Ashley Zukerman.
  • Katherine Solomon — scientist; daughter of Peter Solomon; monitors unexplained phenomena; is on the verge of an important discovery, which is associated with the Tibetan monks and their chanting, which allows them not to grow old; takes an important thing from her father’s safe at the moment when she learns about his disappearance — Valorie Curry.
  • Mal’akh — a man whose body is completely covered with tattoos; forces Solomon to help him in search of the lost symbol, but Solomon believes that there are secrets that are worse than death — Beau Knapp.
  • Inoue Sato — trying to find the killer of Zachary; the investigation takes her to the Capitol; at first Sato does not reveal his plans, but then realizes that she cannot cope alone — Sumalee Montano.
  • Zachary Solomon — the self-confident son of Peter Solomon, who for a long time was considered dead — Keenan Jolliff.

Interesting Facts

  1. Dan Brown has written a series of books. The predecessor of “The Lost Symbol” was the novel “Da Vinci Code”, which was used in May 2006 for the film of the same name with Tom Hanks in the title role. The next was the book “Inferno” – in it Langdon is 20 years older and is trying to save a friend from death.
  2. Valorie Curry has had a few bright roles in her career, but most viewers will remember her role as Charlotte when she played in the cult film “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”, released in 2012. After that, there were only cameo roles in TV projects “Blair Witch”, “The Tick”, “Detroit: Become Human”, etc.
  3. Filming for Season 1 took place in Toronto. The TV series is broadcast by Peacock.
  4. It took about 4 hours to apply a huge amount of tattoos to Beau Knapp’s face and body. His appearance was based on the image of Zombie Boy, who died as a result of falling from a balcony in August 2018. Some of the symbols have been described in detail for the book.
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The Lost Symbol Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1closed
2x02Series 2closed
2x03Series 3closed
2x04Series 4closed
2x05Series 5closed
2x06Series 6closed
2x07Series 7closed
2x08Series 8closed
2x09Series 9closed
2x10Series 10closed

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