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The series “The Loudest Voice” is based on real events and tells about the last years of the life of the influential media manager Roger Ailes. He founded Fox News, influenced the current president of America, and even had an impact on the Republican Party. But his loudest career scandal awaits ahead…

When will the series “The Loudest Voice of Season 2” be released?

The continuation of the mini-series “The Loudest Voice” is not planned, since the series was calculated only for one season.


Roger Ailes had a career by hook or by crook. Well, where to go to a person with an exorbitant ego? So Roger tried to realize his ambitions. Working for republican presidents helped him succeed in politics, but Ailes’ real passion was television. The ability to create your own channel has completely embraced Roger’s mind.

So Ailes became the CEO of the Fox News, moreover, since its inception. Over the years, he met Richard Nixon, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and he helped each of them with non-legal methods. His last client was Donald Trump, who actually owes his victory in the presidential election to Roger.

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The story of Ailes is shown from several points of view at once, since even after Roger’s strange death several facts remain unproven. For example, Ailes’s career path contains not only positive moments, but also those for which he had to be very ashamed. Why are only charges of sexual harassment from Gretchen Carlson, who filed a lawsuit.

For many years, Ailes remained at the head of Fox News, and only in 2016, after the accusations of Gretchen, he had to leave his post forever. Death crept unnoticed by him – he died at home accidentally hitting his head. All this tells the 1st and only season, which covers the last 10 years of Roger’s life, until the last minutes.

About the season 2 there can be no talk, because the whole of America knows that the loudest voice in the room of Gabriel Sherman belonged to Roger Ailes. Even leading businessmen envy his ability to do business. In this case, few people achieve such success, which is constantly pursued Ailes. Let the price of such luck is high, but he was able to realize his dreams.

Actors and their roles

  • Roger Ailes – an influential media manager whose advice extended far beyond Fox News; according to rumors, he was able to influence the voting process during the presidential election, when Donald Trump was elected head of the United States; it was Fox News campaigning that helped Donald achieve recognition throughout the country; Roger had to leave the post after the accusations by the journalist – Russell Crowe.
  • Gretchen Carlson – a charming lady, whose career began on a beauty show, where Gretchen once won the title of “Miss America”; later established herself as a presenter, got a job at Fox News, but later she had to leave the television area; Gretchen ruined Roger’s career, saying that he used violent actions in her direction and fired without legitimate reasons – Naomi Watts.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The scandalous nature of Russell Crowe was known to the creators of the series in advance, so the film crew initially doubted about working with the actor. As a result, Crowe was so passionate about his reincarnation that during the filming did not arrange a single conflict. Later, critics will appreciate his game in the series, believing that thanks to Russell, the project received such a high rating.
  2. The series is based on the book by journalist-investigator Gabriel Sherman, who became the best-selling book “The Loudest Voice in the Room”. As part of the project was named “Secure and Hold: The Last Days of Roger Ailes”.
  3. The script for the project was ready a month before Ailes’s death. It was necessary to urgently engage in rewriting the script and think over further plot lines. Since participation in the project of Gabriel Sherman was a prerequisite, then he had to again resort to his help, so that the facts from the series remained fully reliable.
  4. The series has become one of the most successful projects of the Showtime TV channel. And now it is recommended to viewers viewing the most popular news. Like the picture “Escape at Dannemora” about two prisoners and “Patrick Melrose” about a drug addict, the series “The Loudest Voice” comes up with them in one line.
  5. Naomi Watts noted that her fee differs significantly from Russell’s fee, although her fans expected that her favorite actress would not be deprived of “financial attention”. Naomi herself does not conceal an insult to anyone, because her time in the frame is significantly different from the time of Crowe, who is the main character of the series.
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The Loudest Voice Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not planned
2x02Series 2not planned
2x03Series 3not planned
2x04Series 4not planned
2x05Series 5not planned
2x06Series 6not planned
2x07Series 7not planned
2x08Series 8not planned
2x09Series 9not planned
2x10Series 10not planned

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