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The series takes place at the turn of the gold rush. Then the search for gold was the most profitable business and everyone sought to earn. The British arrived, Anna Wetherell, met on a ship with a man named Emery Staines, who hesitantly showed her attention. Having decided that it is necessary to take the initiative into her own hands, Anna herself agrees with him about the meeting…

“The Luminaries ss 2”: release date, announcement

Continuation of the exciting show “The Luminaries” may appear in May 2021, but this information is not confirmed by statements from the creators.
Many TV shows have shifted the filming schedule due to a pandemic. All film sets were closed, projects were suspended, so the premieres took place later than originally planned.

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The meeting on the ship became fatal for both Anna and Emery. Out of ignorance, the man gave the girl a piece of paper where the name of his hotel was written. But Anna didn’t know how to read and it was problematic for her to find this hotel. Confident of her arrival, Emery waited for the evening. But Anna did not come. All because…

While Emery calmly looked forward to a future meeting, Anna became a victim of a street thief. He stole her bag, but on the way he was caught by a woman named Lydia. She immediately began to rub herself in Anna’s confidence. And the girl asked Lydia to read what is written on the sheet that Emery gave her. Deciding to lie about the location of the hotel, Lydia gave a completely different address.

Not finding a catch, Anna first goes to her hotel, but discovers that her money has been stolen. In complete disappointment, she again encounters Lydia, who, in exchange for her terms, offers Anna to stay at the hotel. Nothing to do – a bewildered girl has to agree. And then they had an interesting conversation with Lydia about astrology.

Frame from the TV show

At this time, Emery realizes that Anna will not come. He does not even keep in mind the idea that the girl simply did not want to. Convinced that something had happened to her, Emery decides to go in search of the girl. But then his new acquaintance appeared, with whom the man met…

So the lovers could not meet. But there are stars who have long decided fate for them. As a result, they can still find each other. But there will remain tasks that will not allow them to live as they want. Only time will help them put everything in its place. Time. And a couple of brutal murders committed by strangers…

Actors and their roles

  • Anna Wetherell – a pretty girl who went alone on a trip on a ship; fell in love with a fellow traveler who reciprocated her feelings; when they arrived in another city, they were lost, because Anna was deceived by Lydia, who decided to appropriate the girl to work in her hotel – Eve Hewson.
  • Lydia – the owner of the hotel; Married to a wayward man who now goes on new trips; uses her husband’s attitude to herself in order to fulfill her desires; is fond of fortune telling by the stars, makes up peculiar horoscopes telling about the fate of a person – Eva Green.
  • Emery – Anna’s lover; timid, but sensitive to people; Emery was not mistaken when he suggested that if Anna did not come to meet him, then she fell into the wrong hands; he began to look for her despite the intrigues of a new comrade, who decided at all costs to dissuade Emery from the venture to look for a girl from a ship in a new city – Himesh Patel.

Interesting Facts

  1. Dividing into two sides, the audience began to argue among themselves, believing that the main character should not be Bono’s daughter, but Eva Green. There were debates about the unspent potential of the actress, as well as about the age of Eva. Seeing such a popular actress as a vulgar woman is an unshakable audacity towards the audience.
  2. The first season was released on May 17, 2020. Watching the online broadcast did not bring positive results. The ratings were mediocre, but towards the end of the season new spectators began to catch up.
  3. The filming process took place in New Zealand. Beautiful views, vast expanses and a small sum of money for the production of the series made a choice in favor of the Polynesian state.
  4. Himesh Patel from an early age dreamed of a career in a big country. Having left the borders of his native and poor India, he decided to earn as much money as he could. For many years, Himesh has been spending most of his money on charity in his native country, purchasing products for the poor.

The Luminaries Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1May 2021
2x02Series 2May 2021
2x03Series 3May 2021
2x04Series 4May 2021
2x05Series 5May 2021
2x06Series 6May 2021

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