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Again and again, Quentin was offered to undergo treatment for depression, which developed against the backdrop of read books about a magical land called Fillory. But he seemed to know that sooner or later they would come for him. And it is from there. The guy was not mistaken – they really came for him. But everything was not as simple as he had planned for himself…

When will the continuation of “The Magicians Season 6” be released?

Sadly, Season 5 of “The Magicians” is final. From season to season, the ratings only fell, so the project management decided to close the TV series.

The events that took place in season 5 helped viewers understand the intentions of Eliot, who got along with Margot 300 years ahead. The creators of the show have opened the veil of secrecy concerning the future of the fantasy world.


Quentin from a teenage age was reading books about the magic lands. He was introduced to them by Julia – a girl to whom he will not be indifferent for many years to come. For her sake, he not only read all the books, but also studied a huge number of tricks in the hope of striking her heart. Unfortunately for Quentin, the beauty’s heart has always belonged to others.

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Over time, the girl forgot about the books that she was so interested in, but Quentin remained faithful to the magical land. However, his feelings for Julia also persisted, but at that time she had already met with another for a long time. Once a joint walk led them to a strange place. After a short walk, the guys realized that they were in the country Fillory at the entrance exams to the school of magic.

After several tests, Quentin found out that he had passed the exams and can now continue his studies at the magic school. As for Julia, her level of magic did not impress any of the teachers. The girl had to return to the ordinary world, but before that they had to erase her memory. Julia simply did not let herself forget about Fillory and the erasure procedure failed.

Frame from the series

Over 5 seasons, many different adventures have happened with the guys. Over time, other heroes joined them, who eventually took the place of either their friends or enemies. In season 4, the audience was shocked by the death of the protagonist. Quentin, who throughout the whole time emerged victorious, still could not survive another battle with evil.

Colossal hopes are assigned to the season. Julia will show all her strength to save not only her own world from destruction, but also Fillory. Penny will finally understand the beauty of his gift as a traveler and will no longer deny the obvious. How do the loyal fans of “The Magicians” see the future of Fillory?

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Actors and their roles

  • Julia – in her childhood she was fond of books about Fillory, but in the end she stopped believing in these fables and began to live an ordinary life; initially she did not pass the entrance exams to the school of magic, which gave rise to her depression and the desire to get to training by any means – Stella Maeve.
  • Eliot – travels with Margo around the world of people and Fillory, trying to restore the time gap between the two worlds – Hale Appleman.
  • Penny – a wizard and has the gift of a traveler; over time, he becomes a teacher at Fillory School, where he begins to scare future travelers with the fact that in a dream they can see the volcano and wake up in it – Arjun Gupta.
  • Quentin – a friend of Julia, Eliot and Penny; as a teenager, he dreamed of getting into Fillory and as a result his plans came true; in the 4th season he dies, which leads Julia into depression and reveals her magical talents – Jason Ralph.

Interesting Facts

  1. Over the years of filming, the actors became a real family. In addition to working days, they spend a lot of time together, and some even make friends with families.
  2. By the beginning of the 5th season, all members of the acting group received an increase in royalties. Thus, Stella Maeve eventually received $ 150 thousand for the series, Arjun Gupta more than $ 170 thousand, and Jason Ralph – $ 200 thousand.
  3. The TV series premiered in January 2016. The first season is not considered the best start, but in the second one situation has changed dramatically – 1 million people have joined the viewing, and this is considering that about 600 thousand viewers watched the first season. The directors and screenwriters did their best and their efforts were justified.
  4. Most of the landscapes from Fillory were created artificially. Decorators did their job perfectly, giving the audience no reason to doubt the reality of what was happening. The makeup of some heroes was also developed by decorators. Make-up artists worked only with the main cast, while decorators worked out details of the images of various creatures of the magic country.
  5. Hale Appleman said he was signed until the last season. Many actors are already involved in other projects, so it is sometimes very difficult to gather everyone on the set. And this directly affects the time of creation of the season.
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The Magicians Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1closed
6x02Series 2closed
6x03Series 3closed
6x04Series 4closed
6x05Series 5closed
6x06Series 6closed
6x07Series 7closed
6x08Series 8closed
6x09Series 9closed
6x10Series 10closed

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