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In the center of the plot – the whole world. Germany won the Second World War and now the territory of the former United States is divided into 3 parts. On one formed the Japanese Empire, on the second part – the Nazi America, and the third part became a buffer zone for people and is now called the Rocky Mountain States. People live in a completely different world, but soon an ordinary girl from San Francisco learns that the Nazis lost in World War II.

When will the series “The Man in the High Castle Season 4” be released?

The continuation of the military drama “The Man in the High Castle” will be held on November 15, 2019. The season 4 will be final.
Such serious paintings are rare now. And even if we take into account the fact of the unreality of what is happening – any person will be able to believe the heroes and with interest observe the development of events.


Juliana Crain is a brilliant judo instructor and just a good man. She tried not to interfere in the scrape and get around the injustice side, until her sister Trudy was killed by the Japanese police actually in front of Juliana. The death of a loved one changes us, the same thing happened to the main character.

A few minutes before her death, Trudy managed to hand over a film to her sister, which proves that Germany and Japan were the losing sides in World War II. The film is called “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy”. Juliana finds out that there is a whole series of films that were collected by a certain “The Man in the High Castle”, but the girl does not have any other information.

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The main character is confident that this information must be conveyed to the public, because then there may be an end to the constant killings and the torment of people. While she is trying to find a clue about a man in a high castle, her boyfriend Frank assures the girl that newsreel events do not reflect what is happening. The guy himself hardly conceals the lineage, which speaks of his belonging to the Jewish nation. If the Nazis learn about this, then the best way out for Frank would be a quick death.

Juliana decides to go to the Rocky Mountain States, because before her death her sister Trudy was going to meet an unknown person there. As a result, Crain meets a guy named Joe Blake and her life begins to rush in the maelstrom of events associated with film.

Later, Julian discovers that Blake is a Nazi under the guise of a completely different person and she will have to look for other Resistance fighters who can resist Japan and the Greater Nazi Reich.

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There is no end to the story – the girl has to constantly run away from persecution and see accidental deaths. Life is becoming more and more unpredictable, but there is no goal higher than returning normal life to your people.

Actors and their roles

  • Juliana Crain – at first she was well settled under the Japanese authorities, she learned to be an aikido instructor, but her mother doesn’t feel that her daughter communicates with the Japanese, because her father died at the hands of the war time – Alexa Davalos.
  • Frank Frink – Crain’s boyfriend, an employee of a factory that produces antiques adored by Japanese collectors, makes jewelry in his spare time, has Jewish roots, was at first ill-disposed to Julian’s idea, but he has been involved in Resistance since season 2 – Rupert Evans.
  • Joe Blake – works for the Nazis, although he fights behind the Resistance fighter. To make the new comrades feel trust in him, transporting the banned film and showing the Resistance – Luke Kleintank.
  • Nobusuke Tagomi – holds a high position in the Japanese government, tries to prevent a war between Japan and Germany, is able to move to another world through meditation, the same technique was held by the lost sister Juliana – Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Interesting Facts

  1. The news of the extension of the picture for season 4 spread around the world in July 2018. At that time, the series was twice nominated for an Emmy Award and participated in other TV contests. No one has yet counted the exact number of awards, but this kind of paintings are not ignored by viewers and critics.
  2. In season 4, there will be new heroes. One of them will be the actor Carter MacIntyre, who will turn into a friend of the main character. Another actor, Bruce Locke, will play the leader of the new Japan, who is ready to fight for the Pacific States, but not to give it to the Nazis, despite their clear advantage.
  3. Another newcomer season 4 will be David Sakurai, who will be a dedicated assistant to the leader of Japan. Even after the unsuccessful attempts of his boss to avoid captivity and leave the territory behind him, Sakurai’s character will continue his mission and do everything possible to make his boss free.
  4. Alexa Davalos suffered the first 2 seasons. She is great at getting into the role, but it drove her into a deep depression. After the end of filming season 2, Alex was treated in a specialized clinic, where she was helped to recover her psycho-emotional state.
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The Man in the High Castle Season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1November 15, 2019
4x02Series 2November 22, 2019
4x03Series 3November 29, 2019
4x04Series 4December 6, 2019
4x05Series 5December 13, 2019
4x06Series 6December 20, 2019
4x07Series 7December 27, 2019
4x08Series 8January 3, 2020
4x09Series 9January 10, 2020
4x10Series 10January 17, 2020

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 – Official Teaser

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