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The struggle for peace and freedom of existence continues. Neo has a former enemy – Agent Smith, who has acquired new abilities and again threatens reprisals to anyone who decides to go against the system. But this time, the Matrix has new rules. Neo is weak and his capabilities are barely enough to defeat the enemy and once again save his beloved.

“The Matrix part 4”: release date, announcement

The long-awaited sequel to the action movie “The Matrix” will hit theaters on December 16, 2021. The premiere of the film was postponed twice for various reasons, but the most important thing for a patient fan is to see the new story of their favorite characters.

For the most part, the film will tell about the love story between Neo and Trinity, which was given too little time in the first 3 parts. Gorgeous fight scenes will attract male audiences to the screens.


A guy named Thomas Anderson lives an ordinary life. Everyone knows him as an ordinary employee who is periodically late, thereby violating discipline. The boss threatens him with dismissal. Soon, events occur with Thomas that will put job loss into the background. After all, the guy has his secrets.

At night, Thomas is looking for a person who can answer him the question “What is the Matrix?”. Thomas knows how to break serious codes, he works under the pseudonym Neo, but this does not help him get closer to the goal. Instead of ending the search, Thomas sinks deeper into the abyss of doubt. It seems to him that the world in which he lives is illusory.

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Evidence of this appears one day. A girl named Trinity introduces him to Morpheus, the man Neo has been looking for for so long. Morpheus talks about the realities of this world, because it is artificially created by the program. This leaves the guy in a stupor. Neo expected this, but when everyone started talking about the fact that he was the Chosen One, he was completely unprepared for this.

Filming of the part 4 of the film “The Matrix”

Thanks to the Morpheus team, Neo studied many types of martial arts, learned about his ability to change the reality around him, as well as his superiority over the program. But the forces remained unequal, since his enemy, Agent Smith, still interferes with Neo’s supporters. Over the course of three parts, the Chosen One has to look for options to neutralize the Agent.

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Besides one enemy, others soon appear. The strongest of these is The Merovingian computer program, which appears in human form. Its power lies in the kidnapping of Key Maker, able to help Neo’s team win this brutal survival game. With difficulty, the team was able to rescue Key Maker and won the battle.

Each time Neo manages to outwit the program, but this time too many circumstances are against him. What will the Chosen One do in an attempt to save humanity from living in endless illusion? Will he be able to once again become the savior of the love of his life, and how Trinity was able to survive, because in part 3 she died in the arms of Neo?

Actors and their roles

  • Trinity – long considered dead; has several types of martial arts; is Neo’s love interest; Neo often sees dreams where she is killed, so Trinity tries to avoid situations where she is in danger – Carrie-Anne Moss.
  • Neo – able to change the Matrix; searched Morpheus for years to find out the truth; knows how to change the reality around him, Morpheus told him about this; loves Trinity and often puts her interests above all humanity – Keanu Reeves.

Interesting Facts

  1. Part 4 was originally scheduled for release in May 2021. Almost everything was ready, even the filming itself was supposed to begin in April 2020. But due to the current situation, the coronavirus pandemic, filming had to be postponed until the end of 2020. Thus, the release time of the premiere has changed for December 2021.
  2. In September 2019, when Keanu Reeves was interviewed about his participation in the sequel to the TV show The Matrix, he made it clear and clarified that Part 4 was not a prequel. It would be illogical, considering that director Lana Wachowski did her best to collect those characters who starred in the film 20 years ago.
  3. To prevent fans from knowing anything about the start of filming, all of the cast members agreed to a codename “Project Ice Cream”. After 3 days, the most meticulous fans were able to track down Keanu Reeves, who was being driven by his lover, artist Alexandra Grant.
  4. The filming process began in San Francisco, then had to visit some places in Germany and Chicago, as the plot of the film required.
  5. Before filming, Keanu Reeves had to actively play sports, because he needed physical training more than ever. Not so long ago, the next part of the film “John Wick” was released, for which the actor bought a gym membership and still visits it.
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Matrix 4: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Matrix 4December 22, 2021

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