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While everyone is wondering what interesting can be squeezed out of the calm ending of the 3rd part, we already know that as many as two prequels have been written, which tell about the events that took place before the construction of the maze. The writer James Dashner has already sold the rights to film his works to see firsthand what will come of it…

“The Maze Runner 4”: release date, announcement

The sequel to “The Maze Runner” has not yet been officially announced. The shooting of Part 4 hasn’t even started yet, although it was announced that the story is not over.

In 2012, the book “The Kill Order” was written, and 4 years later another book called “The Fever Code” appeared. Both books are planned to be filmed, but no one is even talking about the approximate dates. In the best case, the premiere of the part 4 of the movie “The Maze Runner” will take place in 2023. We continue to follow the news.


Thomas has been with the organization for a long time. But one day he realized that he was doing irreparable things to people, and decided to give up his post. He went against the system, and then the leadership of the organization erased his memory. He was placed in a labyrinth, which he previously had only to watch.

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Once there, he met teenagers like him, whose lives were in danger every day. All of them were in a labyrinth, the entrances and exits of which were constantly changing. Outside the gates, monsters were waiting for them, which it was impossible to defeat with hands, without weapons. With the advent of Thomas in the world of adolescents, constant quarrels and deprivations began.

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Some even began to say that Thomas was sent to them for a reason. At this time, a girl appeared, in whose hand was a note stating that she would be the last one to come to the maze. Her name was Teresa and she was very sympathetic to Thomas. It later turned out that Thomas worked with her, but they both became traitors, who were deprived of their memory and sent to the test subjects.

Frame from the TV show

During the first 3 parts, the story was told of how Thomas, along with Teresa and the rest of the participants in the experiment, were able to get out of the labyrinth and defeat many people who got in their way. But there were also hardships, because during this time Thomas lost his best friend and beloved girl, who decided to atone for her own sins by suicide.

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The prequel will tell about the events that took place long before the events of the 1st part of the movie “The Maze Runner”. Thomas will no longer become the main face of the film – only his predecessors will decide the fate. A man-made disaster, the idea of ​​creating a maze and so on – the viewer will reveal dozens of secrets that tormented from the very beginning!..

Actors and their roles

  • Thomas – the protagonist, a former employee of the anti-insanity serum organization; was sent to the maze for his transgressions against the organization; was able to take many out of the labyrinth and achieved a quiet life for himself and the survivors, while losing his friend and girlfriend – Dylan O’Brien.
  • Teresa – got into the maze after Thomas; became its last participant; Teresa got there because she had previously helped Thomas; in the end, she became a traitor for the main character, but she decided to atone for her sins by taking her own life – Kaya Scodelario.
  • Newt – Thomas’s best friend, whom he was able to save in the maze, but did not save later; guys often quarreled, but always fought to the last – Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • Ava Paige – head of the organization; staged a military raid in the first part of the film, when people from the maze made their way into the laboratory, thereby Ava Paige lured them to participate in the second round of tests; almost everyone dreamed of killing her, which in the end was done – Patricia Clarkson.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Delacorte Press, which publishes books from the series “The Maze Runner”, requires the producers of the project to comply with the privacy policy. This reason is crucial when it comes to discussing a movie’s release date.
  2. Patricia Clarkson received a double fee for the second part of the film, as she did not want to take part in it anymore. But Kaya Scodelario without persuasion decided to become the star of the film again, while the amount of her income also increased.
  3. Becoming the main face of the film, Dylan O’Brien never achieved stunning fame, as is the case with the release of such projects. But he doesn’t need it, because all his life he wanted to become a musician. His band “Slow Kids At Play” is popular in America, and Dylan doesn’t have to film more than 2 times a year, since he earns income from his concerts.
  4. Thomas Brodie-Sangster once admitted in an interview for the BBC that he does not need a lot of money to support himself. This is true. The Briton was easily limited by the fee from the 3rd part of the movie “The Maze Runner”. The projects “Dragon Rider” and “Mouse Guard”, in which he took part, will be released soon.

The Maze Runner 4: release date

Movie titleRelease date
The Maze Runner 42023

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